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IDA072 - Use of University Vehicles


IDA 072

July 21, 1995


RE: Delegation of Authority to Permit Use of University Vehicles

University administrative officials who authorize the use of University vehicles are responsible for the proper use and operation of such vehicles by persons under their jurisdiction; the officials shall be required to pay, or to obtain payment from the responsible individual, for all costs for damage to the vehicle resulting from the misuse or careless operation of the vehicle under the individual's charge.

Department heads are delegated the authority to permit the use of University fleet vehicles, within the United States and in foreign countries, in compliance with all University and campus policies and procedures relating to the use of University vehicles. (References: Business and Finance Bulletin BUS 46, campus Policy and Procedures Manual Sections 715-20, 715-21, and 715-22.)

This authority includes fleet vehicles whether on monthly assignment or on trip dispatch from the campus Fleet Services.

This authority may not be redelegated further, and supersedes Chancellor Peltason's March 6, 1986 delegation on the same subject.


Laurel L. Wilkening

cc: Manager, Fleet Services
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies