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IDA181 - Vehicle and Vessel Licensing

IDA 181

November 21, 1995


RE: Redelegation of Authority - Vehicle and Vessel Licensing

Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-19 states the Chancellor's responsibility for registration and licensing of any university-owned vehicle. I am redelegating to the campus Materiel Manager, the authority and responsibility of campus representative, as defined in BUS-19:

  1. To obtain and process, in accordance with provisions of the State of California Motor Vehicle Code, the documents required to establish ownership and effect registration for any vehicle the campus acquires.
  2. To establish, maintain, process, and/or control such registration and licensing records, documents, and license plates as may be associated with the acquisition and disposal of University vehicles.
  3. To represent the Irvine campus in its relations with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This authority shall be carried out in accordance with University policy including Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-19, and subject to all controls and reporting requirements.

Any redelegation of this authority shall be in writing with copies to the list below. This letter supersedes my delegation of authority to the Manager, Fleet Services, IDA054, July 21, 1995.


Laurel L. Wilkening

cc: Associate Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Facilities Management
Manager, Fleet Services
Director, Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies