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IDA312 - Appointment of Associate and Assistant Deans

IDA 312

July 14, 2000


Re: Redelegation of Authority - Appointment of Associate and Academic Assistant Deans

Authority for academic personnel actions was delegated to the Executive Vice Chancellor by the Chancellor in his delegation of authority, dated July 3, 2000 [superseded by IDA 517, 6/19/12]. I am redelegating part of that authority to you, as specified below.

Effective immediately, I am redelegating to Academic Deans authority, within University and campus policy, for the following:

  1. Appointment, reappointment, and termination of Associate and academic Assistant Deans within the School, where the appointees are members of the Academic Senate.
  2. Where the appointees are members of the faculty, approval of compensation for Associate and academic Assistant Deans, including stipend levels up to a maximum to be determined by the Executive Vice Chancellor.

    Stipend changes made during the year must be within your own budget allocation, and should in future be addressed in the context of your annual budget submission.

  3. Performance reviews for academic Associate Deans and academic Assistant Dean, which shall be conducted no later than the fifth year of service and at five-year intervals thereafter.

All actions must be consistent with current systemwide and local policies and must be reported to the Executive Vice Chancellor for information at the time the actions are taken. You are reminded that all administrative appointments, regardless of salary or percent of time, require that affirmative action be considered, and that the Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor for Equal Opportunity and Diversity approve the search statement before the appointment is made.

Authority for the following remains in my office:

  1. Any exceptions to policy.
  2. Any exceptions to the maximum stipend level.

This authority may not be further redelegated and supersedes my delegation of authority on the same subject, dated October 15, 1985.

William J. Lillyman
Executive Vice Chancellor

cc: Chancellor
Special Assistant-Coordination and Review, Office of the President
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Director, Internal Audit
Counsel to the Chancellor
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies
Academic Personnel