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IDA555 - Appointments and Merit Increases, Adjunct Professor Series

IDA 555

May 19, 2014


Re: Redelegation of Authority - Appointments and Merit Increases, Adjunct Professor Series

Authority for academic personnel actions was delegated to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor by the Chancellor in his delegation of authority, IDA 517, dated June 19, 2012. I am redelegating part of that authority to you, as specified below.

Effective immediately, I am redelegating to Deans authority, within University and campus policy, for the following:

  1. Appointments in the Adjunct Professor series at the Assistant rank.
  2. All normal merits within the Adjunct Professor series. 

Note: The definition of "normal merit," in delegated cases, is based on the Department's recommendation. If the Department proposes a normal merit, then the Dean has the delegated authority to decide for, or against, it. A Dean's decision not to grant a merit increase would result in a delegated decision for Reappointment.

By agreement reached at the campus level between the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and the Council on Academic Personnel (CAP), CAP has agreed to waive its right to review all actions in the Adjunct Professor series.

Actions in the Adjunct Professor series that will continue to require review by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor or a designee are the following:

  1. Appointments to the Associate or Full Adjunct Professor ranks and promotions (including advancement to Adjunct Professor, Step VI, and Adjunct Professor, Above-Scale).
  2. Midcareer Appraisals and Midcareer Appraisals with Merit.
  3. All Above-Scale merits.
  4. All cases recommending acceleration.
  5. All cases recommending reappointments proposed by the department.
  6. Retroactive merit increases and merit increases having an effective date other than July 1.
  7. All other actions not specifically included in the above redelegation.

All merits approved by Deans must be consistent with current systemwide and local policies. Within 30 days of the Dean's approval, the original dossier must be forwarded to the Office of Academic Personnel, which will remain the office of record for these actions.

This authority may not be further redelegated and supersedes Executive Vice Chancellor Lillyman's delegation of authority dated July 14, 2000 (IDA 318).

Signed copy

Howard Gillman
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

C: Vice Provost, Academic Personnel
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
Chair, Academic Senate
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Director, Internal Audit
Chief Campus Counsel
Administrative Policies Officer