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Section 1

IDA609 - Project _____Series (e.g. Project Scientist)

IDA 609

October 24, 2018

ASSOCIATE DEANS (if designated by the Dean to approve such Academic Personnel actions)

RE: Redelegation - Project _____ Series (e.g. Project Scientist)

Authority for academic personnel actions was delegated to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor by the Chancellor in delegation of authority 517, dated June 19, 2012. I am redelegating part of that authority, as specified below.

Effective immediately, you may approve the following:

  1. Initial appointments, providing the individual was identified following an approved search, search waiver, or exemption.
  2. Initial appointments to this series proposed as a change in series.
  3. All merit increases, including all cases recommending acceleration.
  4. All reappointments only.
  5. All promotions, including cases recommending acceleration.
  6. All cases recommending an off-scale salary.
  7. All changes in status, including percent of full time or fund source.
  8. Leaves of absence with salary up to 30 days or without salary up to one year.

All actions you approve must be consistent with current systemwide and local policies. Within 30 days of approval, the original dossier should be forwarded to the Office of Academic Personnel, which will remain the office of record for these actions.

Actions for appointees in the Project ___ Series that will continue to require review and approval by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor or the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor's designee are the following:

  1. Retroactive merit increases or promotions that are submitted by the unit more than six months after July 1.
  2. Merit increases or promotions recommending an effective date other than July 1.
  3. All other actions not specifically included in this delegation.

This authority may not be further redelegated. This delegation of authority supersedes Executive Vice Chancellor Gottfredson’s April 15, 2005, delegation of authority, IDA 413, on the same topic.

Signed copy

Enrique J. Lavernia
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

cc: Assistant Vice Chancellor–Academic Personnel
Assistant Vice Chancellor–Accounting and Fiscal Services
Office of Campus Counsel
Director–Internal Audit
Manager–Administrative Policies