Policies & Procedures



Procedure 03: Types of Appointment

Responsible Office: Human Resources
November 2002

A. References

Personnel Policies for Staff Members

B. Authority and Responsibility

Department heads determine the nature and level of the work to be done and the resources available. In consultation with Human Resources, department heads establish the types of appointments that are needed.

C. Guidelines

Contract positions are established for a limited period, usually for a specific purpose. Terms and conditions for each contract appointment are contained in a written employment contract between the University and the individual and include:

  1. The percentage of time, duration, salary, and title of the appointment.
  2. A description of the duties to be performed and a statement that the University has the prerogative to revise as needed.
  3. A statement that the appointment may be suspended or terminated, with or without cause, prior to the end date by either party.
  4. A statement that there is no promise or expectation that the appointment will be renewed or extended.
  5. A description of applicable benefits.
  6. A list of applicable policies.

Note: Sample contracts are available by contacting a Human Resources Consultant.

D. Applicability

All staff members, except employees who are in a bargaining unit that has an exclusive representative (union) and are covered by the applicable provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.