Policies & Procedures



Procedure 20: Recruitment

Responsible Office: Human Resources
November 2002

A. References

Personnel Policies for Staff Members

Personnel Procedures for UCI Staff Members

UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures

B. Authority and Responsibility

  1. Department heads and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that recruitments are conducted in accordance with applicable University policies.
  2. The Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Academic Deans, and the Director, UCI Medical Center, are delegated the authority to waive recruitments, consistent with the provisions for waivers of recruitment.
  3. Human Resources approval is required for:
  4. Consultation with Human Resources is recommended for:
  5. Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity approval is required for waivers of recruitment

C. Definitions

Internal Recruitment - Limited to current UCI & UCI Medical Center employees only, and may be used to support career progression.

Internal/External Recruitment (Full Recruitment) - Recruitment seeks applicants from both within and outside the UCI & UCI Medical Center workforce.

Exception to Recruitment - Under special circumstances a position may be filled by a qualified person without recruitment, in accordance with Personnel Policies for Staff Members, Policy 20B.

Waiver of Recruitment - Under special situations involving a uniquely qualified individual, recruitment may not be required in accordance with Personnel Policies for Staff Members, Policy 20C

Note: For current UCI hiring practices, contact your Human Resources Employment Representative (e.g. early referral, hiring restrictions, internal recruitment).

D. Application Requirements

To receive full consideration, application materials must be received in the Human Resources Department while the position remains open on the web. An applicant who submitted only a resume during the recruitment process must complete and sign the University application form at the time of hire.

E. Procedures

    1. Requisition for Personnel - The hiring authority submits a requisition and job description through Quick Requisition. If budget approval is needed, the requisition will be automatically forwarded to either the campus or College of Medicine Budget Office for approval. Once budget approval is obtained, the Budget Office electronically forwards the requisition and job description to Human Resources for posting.

      If no budget approval is needed, Quick Requisition will automatically forward the requisition and job description to Human Resources for posting.

    1. Screening Criteria - The hiring authority, in consultation with Human Resources, determines the screening criteria to be used in the vacancy announcement. The minimum requirements used to identify the qualified candidate pool are the skills, knowledge, and abilities delineated in the job description. The successful candidate must possess these at the time of hire. Desired skills, knowledge, and abilities may be used in the screening process if the additional criteria do not eliminate diversity from the referral pool.
    2. Posting the Vacancy
        1. Vacancy Announcement - Vacant positions must be announced, except those to be filled via the circumstances listed in Personnel Policies for Staff Members, Policy 20B.
      1. Scope of Recruitment - The Human Resources Employment Representative and the hiring authority consult to determine the scope of the recruitment. Consideration is given to outreach efforts that will result in a diverse applicant pool.

      Human Resources coordinates all advertising and outreach efforts, which are funded by the hiring department. Positions are electronically posted and are accessible through the Human Resources Employment Office.

      The department head is responsible for assuring that vacancy information is available to employees in the department.

      The length of the posting period is determined by an assessment of the recruitment efforts necessary to obtain a diverse qualified pool of sufficient size to enable the hiring authority to have a choice among candidates.

    3. Referral of Applicants - Human Resources refers applicants to the hiring authority in accordance with the following:
      1. Early Referral -Persons eligible for early referral who meet the minimum requirements are considered prior to all other applicants. Early referrals are:
        • Applicants with preferential rehire rights under Policy 60F, Layoff and Reduction in Time from Professional and Support Staff Career Positions.
        • Applicants eligible for Special Re-appointment under Policy 66D, Medical Separation, and
        • Applicants eligible for Special Selection under Policy 81D, Reasonable Accommodation.
      2. Qualified Pool - If the selection is not made from the early referral pool, internal and external applicants are considered.
    1. Work Samples - Work samples may be developed to verify critical skills identified in the minimum requirements for a specific position. Work samples must be approved by Human Resources before they are administered to candidates.
  1. Testing - Federal law requires the validation of employment tests to determine their direct job-relatedness to successful performance on the job. Commercial tests and other devices that have not been validated specifically for use at UCI cannot be administered.
  2. Special Recruitment Conditions - The following conditions are included in the specific vacancy posting:
    1. Background Checks - A position requiring a background check should be designated in the vacancy posting. (See Policy 21E, Background Checks; Procedure 21, Background Checks; and UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures, Section 300-10.)
    2. License or Certificate - If required by professional or governmental regulatory authorities.
    3. Perquisites - If meal and/or housing perquisites are provided as a condition of employment and for the convenience of the University.

F. Exceptions to Recruitment Under Special Circumstances

  1. Human Resources approval is required for the following actions:
    1. Transfer of Staff Employees - The transfer of employees in accordance with Policy 43B and 43C, Leave of Absence; Policy 66D, Medical Separation; and Policy 81D, Reasonable Accommodation.
    2. Transfer of Academic Employees - The transfer of an employee from the Academic Personnel Program to a staff position.
    3. Preferential Rehire - The transfer of a staff employee who has preference for re-employment.
    4. Transfer Due to Reorganization - A reorganization or reassignment of duties that affects more than one employee within the same organizational unit.
    5. Per Diem Appointments - For payroll titles not specifically designated as per diem.
  2. Consultation with a Human Resources Consultant is required for the following actions:
    1. The lateral transfer or demotion of an employee to a different position within the department, if the action is not the result of an internal recruitment; or the lateral transfer of an employee to a different department along with the budgetary provisions for the position.
    2. The recall of an employee to the same department and classification.
    3. The reassignment of a career employee who is scheduled for indefinite layoff from the same classification.
    4. A reorganization resulting in the reclassification of an employee to a different position where a vacancy does not exist.
      • 1) In selecting the employee to be reassigned and trained, consideration should be given to providing an opportunity to all employees in the department.

        2)The department head should consider the impact of the action on equal opportunity and diversity goals.

        3) A training plan and job description shall be reviewed by Human Resources prior to commencement of the training and reclassification.

G. Limited and Casual/Restricted Appointments

The hiring authority is responsible for ensuring that appropriate procedures are followed, including assigning the proper classification, ascertaining that the person hired possesses the qualifications to perform the duties, and ensuring that the salary is consistent with campus practice.

H. Waivers of Recruitment

The Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Academic Deans and the Director, UCI Medical Center, in consultation with Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, are delegated the authority to waive recruitments if requested by the hiring authority and if the action is consistent with equal opportunity and diversity goals. Waivers may be granted in accordance with the following:

  1. Special Circumstances
    1. Unique Skills and Abilities: The individual possesses specialized and/or unique skills and abilities that were not obtained through the position for which they are being considered.
    2. Recruitment Difficulties: When an individual who meets the minimum qualifications has been identified to fill a position where recruitment difficulties for the same or similar positions have been documented.
    3. Departmental Internal Promotions: In recognition of the value of University experience and in support of advancement of staff within a department, a qualified individual may be promoted to a vacant position.
  2. Transfers
    1. Lab Transfers: When hiring a new academic appointee includes the transfer of the academic appointee's employee(s) from their former institution.
    2. Organization/Program Transfers: When an organization or program moves to UCI, the existing employees necessary for the continued operation of the organization or program may be transferred.
    3. Limited to Career: When a filled position changes from limited to career and the incumbent was originally appointed through an open recruitment.
  3. Procedures for Recruitment Waivers
    1. The hiring authority submits to the coordinating point, a request packet that includes the following:
      • 1) Memo requesting waiver with approval line for Human Resources and Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity.
      • 2) Requisition for personnel, submitted through Quick Requisition
      • 3) Job Description
      • 4) Organization Chart
      • 5) A resume and/or UCI job application for the individual
    2. The Coordinating Point approves/denies the request.
    3. The individual may begin working in the position only after the request is approved. Request for waivers normally will not be retroactive.

I. Applicability

All staff members, except employees who are in a bargaining unit that has an exclusive representative (union) and are covered by the applicable provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.