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Section 1

Human Resources

Sec. 300-16: Transitional Work Program Policy

Responsible Administrator: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Human Resources
September 2003 (reviewed March 2011)

References / Resources

  • UCI Administrative Policies and Procedures

Contact: Disability and Rehabilitation Consultant at (949) 824-9151

A. Purpose

The purpose of Human Resource's Transitional Work Program is:
  1. To identify and provide temporarily modified work for employees who are ill or injured and medically able to return to work;
  2. To mitigate any potential loss of employee job skills and abilities;
  3. To comply with State and federal laws.
  4. To contain labor costs and mitigate potential medical expense and litigation losses to the University.

B. Policy

The University will provide, when feasible, a Transitional Work plan for any eligible employee.

C. Eligibility

Any University employee who has temporary work restrictions, as identified by their treating physician, and who is eligible for transitional work assignments consistent with medical findings.

For the purposes of this policy, eligibility will be determined upon review of the employee's report of disability and supporting medical documentation through accepted University procedures; eligibility will not be determined by the status of claim acceptance.