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Student Affairs

Sec. 500: UCI Food Service Policy

Responsible Admimistrator: Associate Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
November 1996 (reviewed February 2002)

References / Resources

  • UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures

Contact: Director, UCI Hospitality & Dining Services at (949) 824-1492

A. Contracting for food service

Contracting for UCI food services (including bidding, negotiation, evaluation, processing for execution and action to terminate a contract when necessary) is the responsibility of the Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services. The administration of the contract(s) is the responsibility of the Associate Vice Chancellor-Student Services.

B. Income from food service

All income to the University from campus food service for vending, cash sales, and special events (other than those cash sales, vending and special events generated out of residence halls) shall be deposited to the appropriate University account and shall be used to fund costs associated with providing food service such as utilities, maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment, supplies, etc.