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Sec. 600-10: UCI Libraries Administrative Policies

Responsible Administrator: Associate University Librarian - Administrative Services
February 2006

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The University of California is dedicated to a tradition of excellence founded upon academic freedom in carrying out its missions of instruction, research, and public service. UCI Libraries' services and collections are developed to assist UCI’s students, faculty, and staff in fulfilling the education, scholarship, patient care, and research goals of the University. As a public institution, moreover, the Libraries recognize other commitments. To the community at large, including all of Orange County, the Libraries provide a unique service by making available their scholarly resources as a library of last resort. The Libraries are also linked to the University of California system in a network that allows the sharing of our joint and several resources. Finally, the Libraries participate, by both lending and borrowing resources, in the larger world of scholarship and research.

UCI Libraries administrative policies are developed in support of these goals.