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Section 1

University Advancement

Sec. 680-10: Policy on Gifts and Endowments

Responsible Administrator: Vice Chancellor–University Advancement
September 2019

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Contact: Gift Administration at (949) 824-7631

A. Purpose and Scope

The development (gifts and endowments) program at UCI is conducted in accordance with basic policies established by the Standing Orders of The Regents as outlined in the UC Institutional Advancement Policies and Guidelines and consistent with approved campus procedures.

UCI's educational goals and facility requirements create financial needs which can often only be met by voluntary, private support to supplement available public funds.

B. Policy

  1. Gifts, offers of gifts, or research grants from private, extramural sources may only be solicited or accepted expressly, or by implication, by an individual with delegated authority from a designated University administrative officer (see IDA 619 and IDA 596). For procedures, see Sec. 680-11: Procedures for Processing Acceptance of a Gift/Private Grant and Sec. 402-10: Endowed Chairs - Procedures.
  2. The Vice Chancellor–University Advancement is responsible for leading campaign planning, providing vision and leadership for the university’s comprehensive campaign to obtain from private sources, monetary and in-kind support related to UCI goals and student, faculty, and staff needs, including:
    • unrestricted funds for endowment and immediate use
    • student aid: fellowships, scholarships, loans, achievement awards, and grants
    • faculty enhancement: visiting lectureships, professorships, endowed chairs, and nongovernment support for research projects
    • library acquisitions: special collections, rare books, special equipment, and endowment funds
    • cultural enrichment: special lectures, performances, works of art, public service
    • campus improvement: structures, equipment for structures.
  3. The dollar amount of a gift shall be the amount of cash actually received; or, if in the form of a pledge, the full amount pledged; or shall be equivalent to the fair market value of securities or personal property. The term gift shall be used as defined in the UC Guidelines for Review of Gifts/Grants for Research.
  4. If a gift to the University provides personal benefit to an employee, the department head will select the individual who will use the gift and will report the payment on Form 801. The form is sent to the Conflict of Interest Coordinator for filing with the FPPC as required by California Code of Regulations, Title 2 § 18944.2. (See Sec. 700-09: Policies on Gifts, Gratuities and Conflict of Interest.)

C. Responsibilities

  1. Authority to Solicit and Accept Gifts

    The Chancellor has redelegated a portion of the authority delegated to chancellors (as permitted in DA 2631) to University Advancement personnel (in IDA 619) to solicit and accept gifts which include pledges and bequests, and which do not involve:

    • exceptions to approved University programs and policies
    • commitment for more than seven years
    • obligation on the part of the University to expenditures or costs for which there is no established fund source
    • construction of facilities not previously approved
    • an amount or value in excess of $5,000,000
    • an interest in real property.
  2. Fundraising Campaigns

    Subject to DA2589, To Approve and Conduct Fundraising Campaigns the Vice Chancellor-University Advancement works with the Chancellor and campus executive officers to establish priorities and goals for advancement activities. The Vice Chancellor implements programs to achieve these goals, and advises administrative and academic departments in fundraising and public affairs strategies.

    1. The Chancellor reviews the development program annually as presented by the Vice Chancellor-University Advancement.
    2. The Associate Vice Chancellor-University Advancement:
      1. Plans, organizes, and implements a continuing program to generate support for UCI from individuals, business and industry, associations and foundations.
      2. Assists recognized UCI support groups to achieve their respective goals.
      3. Manages the development officers assigned to specific fundraising projects and ensures the campus' prospect management system is followed.

    Note: The delegations of authority noted above do not cover solicitation or acceptance of private grants, which are covered in separate UC (DA 2569) and UCI delegations (IDA 596).

  3. Gift Acknowledgment and Announcement of Acceptance
    1. Acceptance of gifts shall be coordinated with appropriate department heads and the Directors of Development (see Section 680-11).
    2. Acknowledgment in writing to each donor shall be made promptly by the individual designated to receive the gift on behalf of UCI. Acknowledgment of any gift, solicited or unsolicited, shall not imply campus and/or University acceptance.
    3. Public announcement of the acceptance of gifts is made by the Strategic Communications & Public Affairs office subject to approval by the donor and the Vice Chancellor-University Advancement.