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Sec. 700-30: Policy on International Academic MOUs and Agreements

Responsible Administrator: Chief Global Affairs Officer, Office of Global Engagement
Revised: January 2019

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Contact: Office of Global Engagement at (949) 824-9705 or global@uci.edu

This Policy implements the UC International Activities policy at UCI. The purpose of this Policy is to foster exchanges and collaborations with international entities while protecting the University from inappropriate risk and the unauthorized commitment of University resources.

This Policy mandates a review and approval process and requires that international academic memoranda of understanding and agreements between UCI and any international entity comply with federal, State and University regulations and be approved by appropriate campus entities as specified in Section 700-31: Procedures for International Academic MOUs and Agreements.

Excluded from this Policy are agreements for

  • faculty traveling abroad,
  • brief visiting lecturers or event speakers,
  • the UC Education Abroad Program,
  • the conduct of research supported by extramural awards (regardless of whether such support is monetary) and/or involving the use of human or animal research subjects and/or human stem cells,
  • the transfer of research materials (either to or from an international entity) used in the performance of research supported by extramural awards,
  • the development and/or use of University intellectual property,
  • the purchase or sale of services or products, and
  • exploratory or informal visits by faculty or administrators that are short-term and do not involve the commitment or use of University Assets and Resources.

The types of agreements and activities listed above are subject to and must comply with other applicable federal, State and University regulations and policies.