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Materiel Management

Sec. 706-10: Property Inventory Control System Policy

Responsible Administrator: Director - Materiel & Risk Management
Revised: January 2007

This policy is under revision due to the implementation of Uniform Guidance by the Office of Management and Budget on December 26, 2014.

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Contact: Equipment Manager at (949) 824-6111

A. Definition of Capital (Inventorial) Equipment

University and Federal guidelines define equipment as a tangible item, generally standing alone, with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life of more than one year.

B. Title and Responsibility

The Board of Regents, with few exceptions, holds title to all property acquired with University funds - including funds from extramural sources - contracts, grants, gifts, etc. The few exceptions are limited to those instances where a funding agency or governmental entity retains title to acquired property. The Board of Regents, likewise, has custodial responsibility for all property that it owns and for all property that it or its authorized agents has explicitly agreed to accept responsibility. Such property includes agency or government furnished items and equipment on loan from individuals or private organizations.

C. Inventory Control

The Office of the President formulates and promulgates the general policies and procedures necessary to maintain a uniform property inventory control system for all such property.

D. Acquisitions Pertaining to Contracts and Grants

Contract and Grant Administration within the Office of the President formulates and promulgates the general policies and procedures related to extramurally funded contracts and grants for research, training, and public service; and advises Materiel Management concerning the Property Inventory Control System as it pertains to contracts and grants.

E. Donations of University-owned Property

The official University policy on donations of University-owned property is contained in UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-38. This bulletin essentially prohibits donations, but under certain circumstances and with appropriate approvals, does allow donations of low-value items to be made to other governmental, non-profit, and educational institutions. Such donations may only be made by the Director of Materiel & Risk Management with written approval from University General Counsel.

Property that may be donated, even with General Counsel approval, is limited to items that are no longer needed or wanted by any campus department and to items with market values (potential selling prices) that are below estimated selling expenses (advertising, transporting, storing, etc.).

University regulations (particularly BUS-38) are fairly inflexible on donation policy, possibly because flexibility on such an issue could lead to abuse. It prescribes specific methods to be used in disposing of excess University-owned property as well as precautions to be taken to ensure that funding agency interests are considered when disposing of property funded through contracts and grants.

All University excess property must be reported to Equipment Management for intra-campus advertising, estimations of market value, and to ensure that all University and funding agency requirements are considered.

F. Requesting Modifications to Assigned Equipment

Requests from custody departments to Equipment Management to make changes to the department's assigned equipment may be forwarded to Equipment Management on the standard Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) form or on any document that adequately describes the equipment and the transactions requested, such as annotated and signed inventory lists, memos, e-mail, etc.

G. Use of Federally Funded Equipment for Stem Cell Research

Federal restrictions prohibit the use of federal resources to support research with embryonic stem cells that are not on the NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry. The Request to Use University Equipment in Stem Cell Research form is used to request verification that the University has clear title to the equipment and may use the equipment for future stem cell research. If approved, a green tag will be affixed to the item indicating that the equipment may be used in research on cell lines that are not part of the Registry.

Four conditions must be met for approval:

  • The federal contract or grant supporting the equipment purchase has been completed (including all of its competitive segments)
  • UCI Equipment Management has submitted the equipment inventory report required by the award agency and at least 120 days have elapsed from the date the report was submitted, (this condition will be an option if the equipment inventory report is not required by the award agency.)
  • The federal government has not invoked its right to transfer the equipment within the 120 day period
  • UCI retains title to the equipment without restriction.