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Section 1

Business and Financial Affairs

Fees and Service Charges

Sec. 713-11: Policy on Fees for Non-University Users of Campus Properties and Services

Responsible Administrator: Vice Chancellor - Planning and Budget
Revised: August 2001 (reviewed June 2005)

References / Resources

  • UC Business and Finance Bulletin
    • A-56, Academic Support Unit Costing and Billing Guidelines
  • UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures
    • Section 900-10, Policy on Use and Scheduling of University Properties

Contact: Budget Office at (949) 824-6629

A. Policy

The Chancellor or the Chancellor's designated representative is authorized to establish such user fees or service charges as required to recover the costs incurred by the campus or by individual departments when campus facilities or services are used by non-University organizations or individuals. No fee or service charge can be imposed or increased until it has been approved by the appropriate level of authority.

B. Definitions

  1. Non-University User

    Non-University users are defined as either organizations or individuals who use campus facilities or services and who are not members of the campus community (faculty, staff, students).

  2. Non-University User Fees or Service Charges

    Non-University user fees or service charges are defined as fees levied against organizations or individuals who are not members of the campus community to help cover the cost of using campus facilities, services, or programs. The following are examples of existing non-University user charges:

    • Transcript analysis for credential evaluation
    • Recreation Privilege Card

C. Campus Approval Process

The Budget Office is the office of record for matters concerning student fees.

Departmental requests to change or initiate fees other than Course Materials and Services Fees should first be approved by the appropriate coordinating point and then should be directed to the Budget Office at least 90 days prior to the requested implementation date. Requests to change or initiate Course Materials and Services Fees must be submitted to the Budget Office by the third week of December for implementation in the subsequent Fall semester/quarter. Requests to change or initiate fees should include a cost analysis, a comparison of income and expenses, and historical data.

After the Budget Office has reviewed the policy concerns and financial aspects of proposed fee or fee increases, a report and recommendation will be made to the Executive Vice Chancellor for review and approval. After campus approval, the request is forwarded to the Office of the President, if the approval of the President or The Regents is required.