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Distribution Services

Sec. 801: Policy on Mail Services, Shipping and Receiving

Responsible Administrator: Director - Transportation and Distribution Services
May 2013

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Contact: Director, Transportation and Distribution Services at (949 824-2695) or ronald.fleming@uci.edu

Distribution Services, a division of Transportation and Distribution Services, is comprised of units generally identified as mail services, shipping and receiving. The mail and shipping functions are self-supporting enterprises (receiving no state appropriations).

A. Mail Services

Distribution Services is responsible for providing mail delivery, collection and processing for the University of California, Irvine campus. Mail handling procedures are established to ensure that UCI complies with U.S. Postal Service regulations, and to assure that all incoming mail is sorted and delivered, and all outgoing mail is forwarded to the U.S. Postal Service or private couriers on the day of receipt.

B. Ownership of University Mail

It is University of California policy that campus mail services are provided exclusively for official University business. All mail received by the University is the property of the University and items meeting criteria for suspicious mail are subject to inspection. Faculty and staff must have all personal mail and parcels directed to their home or other non-University address.

C. Access to Postage-free Internal Mail Stream

In accordance with the U.S. Code, Title 39 governing postage-free access to the University's internal mail system, no person or organization may introduce material of a personal or commercial nature into the interdepartmental mail stream. Material may not be distributed for student organizations other than registered campus organizations, or for employee organizations. Distribution Services reserves the right to remove from the mail stream any internal mail that violates postage-free access guidelines.

D. Authority to Purchase Postage on Behalf of the University

Authority to establish all postage meter contracts, maintain University mailing permits, enter into agreements with the U.S. Postal Service, and enter into agreement with vendors of mail preparation and dispatch services resides with the manager of Transportation and Distribution Services.

Departments may maintain a small inventory of postage stamps for emergency purposes. Whether purchased through Distribution Services or directly from the U.S. Postal Service, departments are responsible for maintaining auditable records of usage.

E. First Class Mail

Outgoing mail that bears no indication of the desired class of service is processed as First-Class/Priority mail. Departments are charged the actual cost of postage plus the approved surcharge.

F. Nonprofit Standard Mail Permit

Distribution Services maintains a Nonprofit Standard Mail Permit (Number 1106) that may be used by any UCI department for mailings if U.S. Postal Service content and design requirements are met. Since the postage rate for Nonprofit Standard Mail is substantially reduced, requirements to qualify for the rate are extensive and rules are strictly enforced by Distribution Services and the U.S. Postal Service. To ensure a proposed bulk mailing will qualify for discounted rates, Distribution Services must be contacted at (949) 824-4735 in the earliest stages of planning.

G. Mailing Lists

Mailing lists of business information, including employee email addresses, department telephone numbers and addresses, may not be distributed, rented, or sold for commercial purposes (see RMP-12).

H. Content of Business Messages

University business communication in paper and electronic form must adhere to University policies. Messages must not imply the University's endorsement, support, or opposition to any non-University product, service, organization, or activity unless appropriately authorized. Messages less directly related to the University's mission, such as those related to religious or political activities or issues, or messages that might produce commercial or personal gain, are generally prohibited by University policy (see Section 900-10).

I. Access to Shipping and Receiving Services

Shipping and receiving services are provided exclusively for official University business. All non-University shipments must be directed to a non-University address. University credit, purchasing power, and facilities shall not be used to purchase goods or services for individuals or for non-University activities. This includes use of the University's discounted rates for shipments using FedEx, DHL, or any other courier service (see BUS-43, Materiel Management).

J. Receipt and Delivery of Orders

The central receiving dock does not receive or process palletized orders, nor orders for large equipment or furniture. Departments should specify that vendors deliver orders for small to medium-sized items directly to the appropriate department address. If delivery of large items requires off-loading at the central receiving dock, delivery fees will be recharged to the ordering department.

K. Damaged Freight

Departments are responsible for inspecting the contents and condition of delivered goods in a timely manner and resolving problems related to order discrepancies and concealed damage with the vendor.