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Section 1

Physical Environment and Properties Buildings and Grounds: General Use

Sec. 900-12: Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature and Materials

Responsible Administrator: Associate Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
March 2015

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Contact: Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252

A. Content Restrictions

  1. Noncommerical/commercial Literature: For the purpose of this policy, noncommercial literature is defined as any printed material referring to an event, activity, or service that is not conducted for private business or personal gain. The posting or distribution of commercial literature and materials, other than the occasional/incidental sale of personal property of interest to University students, faculty and staff, is prohibited.
  2. The content of posted material should promote educational, cultural and informational programs that support the University's mission. It must not advertise or promote products, merchandise, commercial services or ventures such as credit card companies and phone cards. Literature must not be used for political campaigning or personal advancement.

B. Posting and Distribution Regulations

  1. University students, faculty, staff, registered campus organizations, and University units may post and exhibit noncommercial literature and printed materials only in approved locations, and may distribute such literature and materials only in areas open to the public generally.
  2. Non-University persons and organizations may post literature and materials only for events/programs being held on the campus and only in areas designated for posting. Non-University persons may distribute such literature and materials only in areas open to the public generally (excluding housing policies). UCI Student Center & Event Services can provide additional information on posting policies.
  3. Material relating to employee representation is governed by rules established in accordance with the Higher Education Employee/Employer Relations Act and Section 900-14.
  4. All posting must adhere to University policy regarding alcohol (see Section 900-13).
  5. All literature and printed materials, both those written in English and those written in another language, must clearly show the name of the sponsoring person or organization in English.
  6. All literature and printed materials that refer to a specific event or date must be removed by the sponsoring individual or organization within 48 hours after the event or program.
  7. All literature and printed materials that do not refer to a specific event or date must bear a removal date not to extend beyond the last day of the academic quarter.
  8. Posting with glue is expressly prohibited.
  9. Only one poster or flyer per event per posting area is allowed. A poster or flyer may not exceed five feet in length and three feet in width. At any given time, no more than six posters or flyers may be posted on campus for a particular event.
  10. Posting on top of or removing announcements that are current and legally posted will be considered violations of these regulations.
  11. The UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop is the office designated to monitor pole and bridge banner placement, adherence to guidelines and policies, and to manage the calendar for all pole and bridge banner approved locations on campus. Pole and bridge banners may be displayed only in approved banner locations and must be installed and removed by UCI Facilities Management. Use of outside entities is not permitted. Pole and bridge banners may be displayed for up to 90 days, based upon demand for use of the area and/or significance of the banners to the University.
    1. The Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Communications, has authority to prioritize posting of:
      • pole banners on approved poles on campus streets, the Ring Mall Road, and in Aldrich Park (including the inner ring road).
      • bridge banners on the exterior of pedestrian overpass bridges on campus.
    2. Deans or their authorized designees, have authority to prioritize posting of banners on approved poles adjacent to their school's buildings that are not on campus streets, the Ring Mall road or in Aldrich Park.

C. Approved Locations (see Section 42.20, Campus Implementation)

  1. Posters, Flyers, and Announcements
    • University general purpose bulletin boards
    • Interior and exterior concrete surface of the Crawford Hall/West Peltason Drive overpass
    • Interior concrete surface of Ring Mall Road pedestrian bridges: UCI Student Center/Humanities and Middle Earth/Engineering Lecture Hall
    • Interior of the concrete railings in each of the lower plazas (i.e., that surface not exposed to Aldrich Park)
    • Sites selected and controlled by School of the Arts
    • Sites selected and controlled by Housing Administrative Services
  2. Banners
    • University business units and registered campus organizations must schedule posting of pole banners and bridge banners with the UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop only in approved banner locations in accordance with Section 900-32, Guidelines for the Design and Placement of Banners on the UC Irvine Campus.

D. Prohibited Posting Surfaces and Distribution Areas

  • Ground, paths, walkways, and construction fences
  • Glass, wood, painted, or finished surfaces, which includes exterior walls of all buildings and structures
  • Trash cans, benches, trees, shrubbery, and landscaping
  • Inside classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and walls inside buildings
  • Interior stairwells and stair railings
  • Fixed poles, traffic control devices, guideposts, signposts, campus directional signs, historical markers.
  • On automobiles
  • Entrances to buildings
  • The bridge connecting the campus with the University Center (requires City of Irvine approval)
  • Surfaces of campus-approved artwork
  • Exterior building surfaces not approved by Housing Administrative Services

E. Campus Marquees

Posting of events on campus marquees is coordinated by the following offices:

  1. For the ASUCI marquee, located on the Ring Mall Road, UCI Student Center, contact ASUCI at (949) 824-5547 (see Section 900-22).
  2. For the Bren Events Center marquee, located at West Peltason and Mesa, contact the Bren Events Center at (949) 824-5050.
  3. For the campus entrance marquee, located at University and California, contact UCI Strategic Communications at (949) 824-6922.

F. Temporary Directional Signs

Temporary directional signs are for directional purposes only. They may be posted no more than six hours prior to an event and must be removed within 12 hours after the event for which they were intended.

G. Losses, Damages, or Theft

Theft or loss of pole or bridge banners should be reported immediately to UCI Police Department. Any repair or replacement costs of banners or fees will be charged to the requesting entity.

H. Sanctions

All illegally posted materials will be removed. Violators may be subject to fines and/or student disciplinary action, including loss of privileges (see Section 105 of the Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students, and their implementing guidelines).

I. Exceptions

Building managers may grant exceptions to this policy to campus organizations whose written request has been approved by the Dean of Students.

With respect to pole banners and bridge banners the Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Communications may grant written requests for exceptions to this policy.