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Sec. 900-13: Policy on the Sale, Service and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Responsible Administrator: Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
March 2018

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Contact: Hospitality & Dining Services (HDS) at (949) 824-5464 or food@uci.edu


A. Purpose and Applicability

  1. This policy governs the sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages at UCI Events and on University premises in accordance with the Policy on Substance Abuse and State laws related to alcoholic beverages. In every instance where alcohol consumption is permitted, the individuals and organizations involved are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable local, State, and federal laws, this policy, and other applicable University regulations.
  2. This policy applies to all University Events including, but not limited to, those occurring:
    On campus in licensed facilities: Phoenix Grille, Bren Events Center, Anteater Ballpark, Anthill Pub & Grille, selected areas of the Student Center, The Irvine Barclay Theatre, The Beckman Center, University Club
    On campus in unlicensed facilities: Aldrich Park, Ring Mall, indoor spaces, outdoor plaza areas, fields, the Chancellor's residence when hosting UCI-sponsored events, Summer conference Events held in residential housing*
    Off campus on/in UCI controlled (owned or leased) property: UC Irvine Medical Center, Anza Borrego research center, Irvine Museum, Applied Innovation
    Off campus (on commercial or private property) events involving 10 or more people and funded by the University: Hotels, restaurants, private residences
    Note: Events serving alcohol at private residences are not insured by the University. As a best practice, the owner of the property should consult with their homeowner’s insurance provider or obtain the services of a Certified Professional Server or licensed and insured bartender/caterer.

    * Summer conference Events in residential housing are also covered by UCI Student Housing policies.

  3. This policy does not apply to serving alcoholic beverages at non-UCI events in private residences on or off campus (such as residence hall rooms and residential apartments on the University premises).

B. Definitions

Approving Authority An individual authorized by the Chancellor to approve the serving and selling of alcoholic beverages at UCI Events (see part C below).
Certified Professional Server An individual over 21 years of age or older who has completed an alcohol server training program (such as TIPS® or LEAD) and can provide proof of certification and liquor liability insurance to HDS.
Consideration "Consideration" includes money, tickets, tokens, or chits that have been issued in exchange for money or anything else of value. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, a registration fee or monetary donation, service at a cash bar, admission tickets to an event where alcoholic beverages are included in the ticket price, and both presale and onsite tickets to events where alcoholic beverages will be provided along with other amenities, such as food and entertainment.
Event Any event at which alcoholic beverages will be served, described in part A.2. above, that uses the UCI name or trademarks and/or is paid for by, or reimbursed with, University funds.
Event Location Approver An individual authorized to approve the use of a UCI facility space for an event.
Event Representative An individual 21 years of age or older designated by the Sponsoring Organization to assist the Primary Event Representative and be present at the event to ensure policy compliance. One Event Representative is required per 50 attendees.
Primary Event Representative An individual 21 years of age designated by the Sponsoring Organization to act as their primary contact and to be present at the event to ensure policy compliance.
Sponsoring Organization The registered campus organization, department or unit, recognized University support group, or off-campus "renter" organizing an event on University premises. For co-sponsored events, the entity primarily providing the funding.

C. Responsibilities and Authority

  1. Hospitality & Dining Services (HDS), a unit within Student Affairs, is responsible for the administration of this policy and should be contacted early in the Event planning process. HDS offers:
    • Information concerning:
      • UCI approved caterers certified to serve alcoholic beverages;
      • this policy; and
    • Guidance on:
      • when the serving of alcohol may not be appropriate for an event;
      • implementing an alcohol awareness program.
  2. Only the Approving Authorities listed below can approve a Request to Serve or Sell Alcoholic Beverages. The Approving Authority assumes full responsibility for the Event and compliance with this and other applicable University policies. Approving authority may not be redelegated.
    UCI Approving Authorities for the Serving and Selling of Alcoholic Beverages
    Sponsoring Organization Approving Authority (IDA 552)
    Academic Affairs
        Academic Units
    Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; Associate Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
    Finance and Administration Vice Chancellor; Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Operations
    Office of Research
        Organized Research Units
        Special and Other Research Programs
    Vice Chancellor; Associate Vice Chancellor
    Student Affairs
        Registered Campus Organizations events
        Summer Conference events
    Vice Chancellor; Associate Vice Chancellor
        Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life & Leadership
        Director, Student Center & Events Services
    University Advancement Vice Chancellor
    UC Irvine Medical Center Chief Operating Officer
  3. All members of the UCI community and any non-affiliated visitors attending Events are expected to be responsible for their drinking behavior and for the consequences of alcohol consumption.
  4. Sponsoring Organizations must comply with State and local laws as provided by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), this policy, and any other applicable regulations, and are responsible for:
    1. Requesting approval for an Event as specified in part D. below.
    2. Providing food and non-alcoholic beverages to ensure that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not the main focus of an Event.
    3. Paying all fees and costs associated with their Event (license processing fees, security, Certified Professional Servers, equipment rental, etc.)
    4. Compliance with all University security and safety policies. This includes complying with EH&S food safety and fire safety requirements, and providing institutionally approved security personnel as specified by the Approving Authority, HDS, and UCI Police.
    5. Designating a minimum of one Event Representative for every 50 attendees at an Event. The Primary Event Representative and all Event Representatives:
      • must attend the Event to assist with policy compliance;
      • are responsible for ensuring alcoholic beverages remain within the Event area and are not passed to anyone who may be under 21 years of age; and
      • must refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages during the Event.

    Sponsoring Organizations that regularly sponsor events at which alcoholic beverages are served are encouraged to implement an alcohol awareness program.

  5. An Alcohol Advisory Committee with representatives from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, UCI Police, Risk Services, and others as necessary, will be assembled by the Associate Vice Chancellor–Auxiliary Services and Business Enterprises to advise on the serving and selling of alcoholic beverages. The Committee will review the policy as needed and recommend any revisions to the Vice Chancellor–Student Affairs.
  6. The Vice Chancellor–Student Affairs and the Associate Vice Chancellor–Auxiliary Services and Business Enterprises are authorized to submit to the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) statements on behalf of Sponsoring Organizations applying for licenses to serve liquor on UCI premises (see IDA551 Liquor Licenses for Campus Facilities).
  7. Exceptions to this policy may only be approved by the Vice Chancellor–Student Affairs.

D. Policy

Serving alcoholic beverages is permitted only in UCI facilities licensed to serve alcoholic beverages and/or at UCI Events authorized by Hospitality & Dining Services (HDS):

  1. Obtaining Authorization to Serve Alcoholic Beverages
    1. At least 20 business days prior to each Event a filled out Request to Serve or Sell Alcoholic Beverages form (Request) must be submitted to HDS with:
    2. Finalization of the Request process and approval to proceed with the Event will be contingent upon completion of other requirements, such as obtaining liquor liability insurance and providing Certified Professional Servers.
      • If additional approval is required from Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Services, Transportation & Distribution Services, UCI Police, or any other department, HDS will notify the Sponsoring Organization.
    3. After HDS completes its Request review and determines that the Event will be compliant with applicable laws and this policy's requirements, HDS will send a copy of the approved Request form to the Primary Event Representative, the Event Location Approver, Risk Services, and UCI Police.
  2. Serving Alcoholic Beverages Requirements
    1. No person under 21 years of age and no obviously intoxicated person may be provided an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol may not be served at an event at which either the majority of the group or their guests is under 21 years of age.
    2. Only wine and malt beverages are permitted at student sponsored or student oriented Events.
    3. Identification System: When attendees under 21 years of age will be present the Primary Event Representative will implement an identification system (e.g. wristbands).
    4. Service Location: Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only in the location stated on the Request form.
    5. Outdoor Events must be sufficiently barricaded to prevent the passing of alcohol to areas outside the Service Location and locations where alcohol is permitted must be clearly defined with signage. Entrance and exit pathways must be clearly marked. Signs stating "no alcohol beyond this point" must be posted at all exits.
    6. Availability of Food and Other Beverages: A variety of non-alcoholic beverages as well as an appropriate amount of food must be made available at all Events where alcoholic beverages are served. Non-alcoholic beverages must be featured as prominently as the alcoholic beverages.
    7. Duration of Service of Alcoholic Beverages: The serving of alcoholic beverages should end at a time that will consider the safety of guests and be stated on the Request form reviewed and finalized by HDS. For Events that extend beyond one hour, the actual serving period should be limited to four hours and end approximately one hour prior to the end of the Event. Exceptions can be approved only by HDS.
    8. Servers of Alcoholic Beverages:
      1. Hospitality & Dining Services can provide a list of approved caterers or approved bartending services who employ Certified Professional Servers.
        • Liquor liability insurance is required of all caterers and bartenders serving alcoholic beverages.
      2. Certified Professional Servers:
        • are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages at an Event; and
        • must not be members of or in any way affiliated with the Sponsoring Organization.
      3. At Events held in licensed facilities, only the licensee's Certified Professional Servers may serve or sell alcoholic beverages.
    9. Self-service of Alcoholic Beverages is permitted only at faculty and staff Events:
      • with fewer than 50 attendees,
      • where all guests are over the age of 21,
      • where no hard liquor will be served,
      • where no alcoholic beverages will be sold, and
      • in unlicensed facilities.
      Permitted events include faculty gatherings, department celebrations, and holiday parties.
  3. Selling Alcoholic Beverages
    1. Exchanging any Consideration for alcoholic beverage service constitutes a sale.
    2. If alcoholic beverages are sold in an unlicensed facility, a license from the ABC is required. Only a co-sponsoring non-profit or a UCI Approved Caterer can obtain a license for UCI Events (see How to Obtain Required Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages at UCI Events).
    3. When selling alcoholic beverages Sponsoring Organizations must comply with Serving Alcoholic Beverage Requirements (see part D.2. items a-h above) and State requirements. An alcoholic beverage license from the ABC is required under all circumstances.
    4. Approval to Sell: No individual, group, or campus unit acting in the name of The Regents or in the name of the University may apply for a license to engage in the sale of any alcoholic beverage, including beer. A license to provide and sell alcoholic beverages must be issued to an organization independent of the University, such as a faculty club, food service vendor, alumni group, or other such entity (see IDA 551, Liquor Licenses for Campus Facilities). Only the Vice Chancellor–Student Affairs and the Associate Vice Chancellor–Auxiliary Services and Business Enterprises are authorized to submit directly to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) statements on behalf of organizations applying for licenses to sell liquor on University-owned campus premises.
    5. Pricing: The price of alcohol sold at Events must not be lower than the alcohol's purchase price or at a level to encourage excessive consumption. Donated alcoholic beverages may not be sold for profit.
  4. Advertising: No Event where alcohol will be served may be advertised, promoted or offered to the public or to the University community as an event where alcoholic beverages will be served. This includes:
    1. Language such as:
      • wine and cheese reception
      • champagne toast
      • beer garden
      • event with free wine
      • dinner with alcohol included
      • BYOB (bring your own booze/beer/bottle)
      • references to any form of drinking contest (such as beer pong, king's cup, or flip cup); and
    2. Pictures or symbols implying the presence of alcohol at an event.

E. Support from Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors

  1. All alcohol-related sponsorship agreements must be reviewed and approved by the Director, Campus Assets.
  2. If a donation has been made to support a program, the name of an alcoholic beverage manufacturer or distributor must not be connected to the name of the event itself, but may be listed as a contributor (see Sec. 700-20: Policy on Use of University Name and Seals, Campus Names and Seal and Trademarks).
  3. University property may not be used for commercial purposes except to the extent that the event complements services or programs supporting the University's mission (see Sec. 900-10: Policy on Use and Scheduling of UC Irvine Properties).

F. Liability and Consequences of Noncompliance

  1. Failure to abide by applicable regulations covering the possession, serving and selling of alcoholic beverages can create personal and organizational liability. Sponsoring Organizations should be aware of their exposure to legal risk when violations of alcoholic beverage laws are permitted at their Events.
  2. UCI Police, Risk Services, the Vice Chancellor–Student Affairs, and other officials responsible for ensuring compliance with University policies may recommend consequences for noncompliance. A Sponsoring Organization or individual found in violation of this policy:
    1. May be held responsible for any costs incurred by the University due to non-compliance and may be required to pay fines when recommended by University officials and appropriate legal authorities.
    2. May have future Events cancelled and the Sponsoring Organization or individual restricted from serving alcoholic beverages on UCI premises for a designated period of time.
    3. May have their Event Requests denied if previous Events held by the Sponsoring Organization or individual have required repeated Police assistance to control participants, violated any regulations governing the conduct of non-affiliates on UCI premises, or presented situations that the University considered unsafe or unmanageable with reasonable University resources.