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Sec. 900-22: ASUCI Marquee Posting Policy

Responsible Administrator: Associate Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
April 2008

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Contact: Student Affairs Information Technology at aechols@uci.edu or (949) 824-2408

The purpose of the ASUCI Student Center Marquees is to enhance the quality of student life through increased communication about programs, events, and activities. Only on-campus programs, events, and activities of significant interest to the general student population will be posted on the marquees. Any other announcements must be approved by the ASUCI Executive Director.

Student organization sponsored events and programs (not meetings) and ASUCI sponsored events will be given priority placement. ASUCI does not guarantee that every program, event, or activity for which a request is received will be posted.

All posting requests must be submitted through the ASUCI Web site and will not be accepted over the phone or via email. Requests must include the date, time, name/title, and location of the event. Requests should NOT include:

  • Commercial advertising
  • Alcohol advertisements
  • Commercial sponsorship (programs, events, and activities with commercial sponsorship may not use the name of the commercial sponsor in the marquee display)
  • Political campaigning of any kind
  • Disrespectful or derogatory language directed toward any individual, organization, department, or school. All posts must comply with the University’s non-discrimination policy.