Policies & Procedures


Section 1

Human Resources

Sec. 300-12: Guidelines for Campus Temporary Employment Services (CTES)

Responsible Office: Human Resources
March 2011

References / Resources

  • UC Business and Finance Bulletins
    • BUS-43, Materiel Management - Employee-Vendor Relationships, Section III, Part 5
  • UCI Administrative Policies and Procedures
    • Section 707-12, Guidelines for Securing Services of Independent Contractors

Contact: CTES at (949) 824-1355

A. Temporary Staffing

Temporary employment pools are operated by Human Resources to serve campus, hospital, and laboratory staffing needs. Provided the staffing requirement does not involve an individual with an existing employer-employee relationship with the University (see BUS-43, Section III, Part 5), departments may obtain temporary support through Campus Temporary Employment Services (CTES).

The primary goal of the temporary employment pool is to provide immediate administrative and technical support services to University departments. Departments utilize temporary employees to complete special projects, to respond to workload fluctuations that are unusual or episodic in nature, to fill in for employees who are on leave, or to fill in during a recruitment period.

The second goal is to provide the campus with a viable source of candidates for its career and limited appointments

For questions regarding employer-employee relationships (BUS-43, Section III, Part 5), contact either Human Resources or the Academic Personnel Office for guidance.

B. Using Campus Temporary Employment Services

Individuals employed in temporary employment pools will generally be appointed to a floater position (with the exception of AFSCME represented titles.)

  • A floater appointment is reserved for use in temporary employment pools, and is established at any percentage of fulltime up to 36 months.
  • An employee in a floater appointment is not a career, casual-restricted, academic, limited appointment, or per diem employee.
  • An employee with a floater appointment is "at will" and may be released from the temporary employment pool without just cause.
  • If an individual in a floater appointment has a break in service for a period of 120 consecutive calendar days, that individual may be re-hired into a new floater appointment.
  • A department may request a floater who is in the CTES employment pool, however, floaters will be assigned by CTES based on their availability and qualifications.

Payroll servicing restriction: Departments may not recruit individuals then refer them to CTES to be hired for assignment to their unit.

C. Procedures to Request a Floater

  1. Requests for temporary employment services are submitted through Quick Temp on a web-based request form.
  2. The requesting department completes the Quick Temp request, indicating the type of duties the person is expected to perform, any special qualifications required, duration of assignment, number of hours per day, and location. The account/fund and department contact are also required for CTES billing purposes.
  3. CTES screens and interviews candidates and assigns the most qualified individual to the department.  Floater employees in certain bargaining units may work up to 1,500 hours in a job assignment.  The total floater appointment must be no longer than 36 months. Once a floater has worked 36 months, a 120-day break in service is required before re-hire. CTES will monitor the number of hours an individual has worked and provide the hiring department with a status report.
  4. The floater employee reports directly to the hiring department and submits their timesheet on-line. The department contact receives an electronic copy of the timesheet, verifies the hours worked, and approves the time sheet. An electronic copy of the timesheet is sent to the CTES office for final approval. Hiring departments are responsible for verifying the accuracy of all hours reported by floater employees, and for advising CTES and the floater employee immediately of any discrepancies.
  5. CTES charges departments monthly for temporary employment services.
  6. For questions, or to discontinue the services of a temporary employee, call CTES at (949) 824-1355.