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Academic Affairs

Sec. 401: Academic Senate, Irvine Division

Responsible Office: Academic Senate
November 1998 (reviewed May 2005)

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Contact: Academic Senate Office at (949) 824-7685

The Irvine Division is a committee of the UC Academic Senate. The Division's duties and authorities are delegated by the Bylaws of the Academic Senate to its Divisions and are derived ultimately from the Standing Orders of The Regents of the University of California. They include the authorization and supervision of all courses of instruction and curricula in the colleges, schools (or equivalent) and Graduate Division at Irvine; the recommendation to the President of the University of all candidates for degrees in course who have completed the requirements for those degrees in a school, college (or equivalent), or Graduate Division at Irvine; the establishment of Faculties in schools and colleges (or equivalent) located wholly on the Irvine campus; the origination and the taking of final action on legislation substantially affecting only the Irvine Division; the transmission directly to the President of resolutions on any matter of University concern, subject to the provisions of the Bylaws of the Academic Senate; the submission of reports and recommendations to the Senate or to the Senate Assembly regarding changes in Senate legislation and any other matters of general concern; and the initiation of memorials to The Regents on any matter of University concern, subject to the provisions of the Senate Bylaws. The Division exercises all powers of the Academic Senate not specifically delegated to the Senate Assembly or to the standing committees of the Senate.

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