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Sec. 420-11: Procedures for Student International Activities

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Sec. 420-11: Procedures for Student International Activities


Responsible Office: Office of Global Engagement
Reviewed: July 2023 (Travel Executive Directive issued August 2020)

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Contact: Office of Global Engagement at (949) 824-9705 or global@uci.edu

A. Purpose

These Procedures specify the requirements that must be met to comply with Sec.420-10: Policy for Student International Activities (the Policy).

B. Definitions

Guidelines UCI requirements for conducting Student International Activities to reasonably ensure comprehensive health and safety appropriate to the Student and the Student International Activity. For example: the Guidelines will be different for an undergraduate student group than for a graduate student conducting independent research.
Leader UCI faculty member, staff member or Student authorized by UCI, or UCI Affiliate with responsibility, to oversee risk management of a Student International Activity. All leaders are equally responsible for overseeing risk management should there be more than one leader for a single Student International Activity.
Offered by UCI Programs directly under the control of UCI or of UCI employees acting within the scope of their professional duties for UCI.
Participant Faculty member, staff member, Student, Leader, or other person participating in a Student International Activity.
Registered Campus Organization An officially recognized campus entity primarily comprising Students, faculty, and/or staff, which is granted limited access to University services, resources, and facilities for a current registration period.
Student Any individual enrolled in a degree-granting program (undergraduate or graduate) at UCI, or participating in other academic programs Offered by UCI, a Registered Campus Organization, or a UCI Affiliate.
Student International Activity Any activity Offered by UCI or a UCI Affiliate for UCI Students that takes place outside of the geographic borders of the United States of America.
UCI Affiliate An entity that is legally and/or contractually authorized to conduct a Student International Activity on behalf of or under the authority of UCI and that has been vetted for compliance with these Procedures and the Guidelines.

C. Responsibilities

  1. UCI sponsoring units wishing to establish or maintain a Student International Activity must:
    1. Consult with the Study Abroad Center for risk management and planning;
    2. Submit a formal Student International Activity proposal to the Study Abroad Center; and
    3. Comply with the Policy, these Procedures, and the Guidelines.
  2. UCI sponsoring units that wish to affiliate must also:
    1. Provide evidence that the affiliate practices effective risk management and complies with the Guidelines; and
    2. Enter a formal agreement with the UCI Affiliate, in consultation with the Office of Global Engagement.
  3. Leaders must comply with the Guidelines for Student International Activities.
  4. Participants must complete specific risk management preparations before they may participate in Student International Activities according to the Guidelines.

D. Procedures

  1. Student International Activity Routine Review and Approval:
    1. UCI sponsoring units that wish to conduct Student International Activities must present a Student International Activity proposal to the Study Abroad Center.
    2. The Study Abroad Center reviews the proposed Student International Activity and approves it if it meets the requirements in the Guidelines.
    3. When a Student International Activity under review does not meet the Guidelines, the Study Abroad Center instructs the UCI sponsoring unit that the activities need to be revised or that a request for exception should be submitted to the International Risk Review Team.
    4. It is recommended that planning for a Student International Activity begin with the Study Abroad Center at least six (6) months prior to the start date of the activity.
  2. Student International Activity Exceptional Review and Approval:
    1. The International Risk Review Team will consider any request for an exception and make a decision about the Student International Activity through one of the following:
      1. Granting approval;
      2. Granting conditional approval (ensuring additional risk mitigation strategies are applied); or
      3. Recommending alternative programmatic options when approval must be denied.
    2. The International Risk Review Team will inform the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and the UCI sponsoring unit about each of its decisions.
    3. The head of the sponsoring unit may notify the Study Abroad Center that the unit wishes to appeal to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for a final decision.
  3. Participants and Leaders who are covered by Sec. 420-10: Policy for Student International Activities (Part C.2., lists applicable types of Student International Activities) must comply with the following areas of the Guidelines as applicable:
    1. Registration
    2. Orientations and Leader Information Sessions
    3. Communication
    4. Travel Insurance and Benefits Program
    5. Emergency Response.