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Section 1

Student Affairs

Sec. 500: UCI Food Service Guidelines

Responsible Office: Campus Life and Auxiliary Services - Student Affairs
February 2002

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Contact: Director, UCI Hospitality & Dining Services at (949) 824-1492

A. Food Services

UCI Food Services contracts with independent vendors or self-operates the following to supply food service on the campus:

  • Residence Halls
    • Mesa Commons
    • Pippin Commons
    • Brandywine Commons
  • Cash Operations
    • Anteatery
    • Anteater Recreation Center - ARC Bar
    • B. C.'s Cavern on the Green
    • Humanities Hall Cart
    • MAAB Building Cafe
    • Phoenix Grille
    • Physical Sciences Plaza - Espresso Cafe
    • School of Arts - CyberA Cafe
    • Social Sciences Plaza - Juice it Up
    • Zot 'n Go North Convenience Store
    • Zot 'n Go South Convenience Store
    • UCI Student Center - Cornerstone Cafe, Food Court, Anthill Pub & Grille, Carl's Jr.
  • Vending
    • Throughout campus
  • Catering Trucks
    • Construction job sites only unless expressly approved by Associate Vice Chancellor-Student Services
  • General Campus Catering
  • Concessions

B. Catering

  1. Food service contractors on the campus have exclusive catering rights to their respective facilities and as specified in their contracts. Catering within food facilities shall be by these contractors ONLY.
  2. Catering may be provided in other locations provided the caterer is on the UCI Approved Off-Campus Caterers List. These caterers have met University requirements concerning insurance, food safety, and training. This list is compiled by the UCI Food Services. A paper copy may be obtained by calling 824-1492.
  3. The sponsoring organization of a campus event must obtain a Temporary Food Service Permit from UCI Environmental Health and Safety if the food/beverage service at the event is not handled by an approved caterer. For information regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages at UCI events see Section 900-13, Policy on Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages.