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Student Affairs

Sec. 502: Preadmission Medical and Physical Examination Guidelines for New and Returning Students

Responsible Office: Student Health Services
January 2011

Contact: Student Health at (949) 824-5301

All undergraduate students entering UCI are required to submit proof of updated immunizations and, if indicated, tuberculosis screening to the Student Health Center. The same is required of the student who is returning to UCI after an absence of more than two quarters (excluding the summer break). A physical examination is strongly recommended but not mandatory for students to enroll at UCI.

Students enrolled in a University sponsored insurance program (USHIP, GSHIP) can have their medical services billed directly to their insurance after their annual deductible is met. Other students who have waived the University sponsored insurance plans will pay at the time of service and be given an itemized receipt to be submitted to their insurance plan for reimbursement.

Pre-enrollment health forms can be downloaded from the Student Health Center website and should be completed and returned to Student Health prior to registration for classes.

Student Health Center's regular hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. For more information on the services offered, visit the Student Health Center website.