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Sec. 700-03: Guidelines for Relations of University Employees with Local, State, and Federal Officials

Responsible Office: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs
Revised: June 2018

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Contact: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs: (949) 824-0061

A. Purpose and Scope

  1. University policy states that campus and medical center employees or groups of employees should:
    1. Only act, or give the appearance of acting, on behalf of the University when communicating with local, regional, State, or federal government elected officials concerning policies or legislation relating to the University if they are specifically authorized to do so by the President.

      The policy is directed only to the problems of official representation of the University. It does not apply to informal discussions with Regents whether ex officio or appointed, and is not intended to discourage the free flow of communication among Regents, administrators, academic personnel, staff, and students of the University.

    2. Scrupulously avoid lobbying, or giving any appearance of lobbying, for the purpose of furthering the particular interests of an individual employee, department, campus, medical center, or other unit of the University.
  2. UCI employees should consult with and/or notify the Public Affairs Office with respect to relations with local, regional, State, and federal elected officials, including contacts and correspondence with such officials (other than those which are purely routine).

B. Responsibilities

  1. Coordinator

    The Associate Chancellor, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs, UCI's coordinator for federal, State, and local matters, will:

    1. inform the Chancellor and the UCOP State Governmental Relations Associate Vice President & Director (Sacramento Office) of formal contacts in regard to State matters; the Chancellor and the UCOP Federal Governmental Relations Associate Vice President (DC Office) in regard to federal matters; and the Chancellor in regard to local matters;
    2. report to the Chancellor and President visits by, or services rendered to, members of the State Legislature, Congress, or principal officers of government;
    3. provide advance notice to the University's Sacramento Office or Washington Office, respectively, when visits are planned to Sacramento or Washington in connection with University business; and
    4. provide to the Sacramento or Washington Office, as appropriate, a copy of University letterhead correspondence with principal State and federal officials, including members of the Legislature and the Congress.
  2. All UCI Employees

    Employees should consult with and/or notify the Public Affairs Office, (949) 824-0061, before:

    1. Formal contacts with local, regional, State, and federal elected and appointed officials such as accepting an invitation to any individual employee of the University from a member of a committee of the State Legislature or Congress, or from any other regional, State, or federal government agency or officer, to testify or to discuss pending legislation or policy relating to the University or to serve on a governmental commission, board, or committee relating to the University. If subsequent discussions or actions bear upon the University directly or upon University relations with governmental officers or agencies, notify the Public Affairs Office/Government Relations.
    2. UCI visits from or rendering services to local, regional, state, and federal elected and appointed officials.
    3. Visits to Sacramento or Washington, D.C. in connection with University business. When appropriate provide the Public Affairs Office/Government Relations with and an informal report of the results of such visits.
    4. Using University letterhead to correspond with local, regional, State, or federal elected and appointed officials, (see Sec. 705-12: Guidelines on Correspondence with State and Federal Officials).