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Business and Financial Affairs


Sec. 701-13: Signature Authorization Procedures

Responsible Office: Accounting & Fiscal Services
September 2007

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Contact: Accounts Payable Manager - Disbursing and Travel at (949) 824-5286

A. General

Authority to conduct official University financial transactions has been delegated to certain campus officials by written Delegations of Authority. When there is no overruling written redelegation of authority, administrative department heads can authorize responsible individuals to expend allocated University funds and request access to administrative information systems for individuals who report to them.

B. Authorization Forms

Authorization to expend allocated University funds may be granted by use of:

  1. Administrative Computing Services Request for Online Access

    Major systems responsibility includes payroll/personnel, purchasing, accounts payable, general ledger and associated financial systems.

  2. Signature Authorization or Cancellation, Form U242
    1. Financial transactions on the following documents may be approved by personnel for whom there is a current signature authorization, Form U242, on file in the Accounting Office: invoices, service department orders, general requisitions, facilities service requisitions, payroll time sheets, and financial journals.
    2. The Accounting Officer is responsible for honoring signature authorizations only in accordance with official Delegations of Authority and for persons whose signatures are authorized for conducting financial transactions in accordance with prescribed authorization policies.
    3. The Signature Authorization or Cancellation, Form U242 provides a specimen signature for every individual on the Irvine campus to whom authority to expend allocated funds has been delegated or redelegated.
    4. A list of individuals authorized to sign for financial transanctions is maintained by the Accounting Office.

C. Completing Signature Authorization or Cancellation, Form U242

  1. Authorization

    When preparing a Signature Authorization, Form U242, all redelegations of authority set forth above should be reviewed carefully. The authorization should include:

    1. An "x" placed in the box labeled "authorization."
    2. Account number--Indicate the specific account or series of accounts. Do not indicate "All."
    3. Fund number--Indicate specific fund numbers for each account number, or "All" if applicable.
    4. Sub numbers--Indicate the specific sub numbers for each account and fund, or "All" if applicable.
    5. Specimen signature.
    6. Department head signature only for those categories for which the department head has authority and for which authority may be redelegated.
  2. Cancellation
    1. Signature authorization will remain in effect until cancelled by submission of Signature Cancellation, Form U242.
    2. The Signature Cancellation form should be prepared for:
      • terminated individuals
      • principal investigators when research projects have been terminated,
      • an individual who no longer has the approval authority.
    3. The Signature Cancellation form will be identical to the Signature Authorization it cancels, except that the box labeled "cancellation" must have an "x."
  3. Changes

    Two separate forms are required when cancelling an authorization and initiating another authorization for the same individual; one to cancel existing authorization and one to initiate the new authorization.

    This same procedure is applicable when a person changes their name.

  4. Approval of Next Higher Officer

    This approval is needed for redelegations of authority to acting vice chancellors, deans, chairs, or similar administrators when the incumbent is absent or the position is to be vacant longer than 30 days.

  5. Distribution

    Following appropriate execution of the Signature Authorization/Cancellation form, send the original to the Accounting Office and a copy each to the Purchasing Office, the Approving Officer, and the originating department.