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Sec. 705-10: Correspondence Guidelines

Responsible Office: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs
Revised: April 2018

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Contact: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs: (949) 824-6922

A. Correspondence

The University of California maintains high standards in the preparation of communications. While the university uses The Associated Press Stylebook and Reference Manual as its reference, other standard stylebooks and business correspondence references may be followed.

  1. Letterhead Stationery

    Guidelines on the design, printing and use of formal university letterhead stationery can be found in Section 705-16.

  2. Special Forms of Address

    Aside from the commonly used forms of address, there are specific forms for addressing diplomats, government officials, military personnel, professional persons, clergy, etc. Consult style manuals and Section 705-12 for correspondence with state and federal officials.

  3. Signature

    All correspondence should have a signature, either written or electronic.

  4. Second and Subsequent Pages

    Second and subsequent pages should have headings clearly identifying the name of the addressee, the date, the page number, and the subject line. Suggested formats: blocked against the left margin or placed across the top of the page with the page number centered.

  5. Submission for Another Office

    If correspondence submitted for another office's signature (chancellor, vice chancellor, dean) relates to the function of the submitting office and is signed by the other office only as a formality (e.g., scholarship awards, gift acceptances), the signed correspondence will be returned to the originating office for mailing, using that office's account number on the envelope.

  6. Addressing Correspondence

    Envelopes for mail sent outside UCI or UCI Medical Center must have the return address printed or preprinted in the upper left corner of the envelope and must include the department name and ZotCode. See Section 801 for mail preparation guidelines.

  7. Retention of Correspondence

    Section 721-10 describes the records management program for the UCI campus. The specific schedule for the retention of correspondence can be found in the UC Records Retention Schedule.