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Business and Financial Affairs


Sec. 705-12: Guidelines on Correspondence with Local, State, and Federal Officials

Responsible Office: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs
Revised: June 2018

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Contact: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs at (949) 824-0061

When corresponding with local, regional, state, and federal officials, University letterhead should be used only when the writer is representing the University; letters expressing personal views should be written on personal stationery.

University letterhead correspondence with elected and appointed local, regional, State, and federal elected officials and their staff, including government agencies and members of city councils, County Boards of Supervisors, the State Legislature, and the Congress is reviewed with the Public Affairs Office/Government Relations.

A copy of such correspondence is sent to the Sacramento or Washington, D.C. office via the Public Affairs Office/Government Relations which should be informed of any contacts with local, regional, state, and federal offices other than those which are purely routine.