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Business and Financial Affairs


Sec. 705-16: Guidelines for Stationery, Business Cards, and Collateral

Responsible Office: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs
Revised: April 2018

References / Resources

Contact: Strategic Communications & Public Affairs: (949) 824-6922

A. Purpose and Scope

University stationery shall be used only in the conduct of University business. University policies on the use of the University's name, the use of the unofficial University seal, restrictions on the use of University resources for political activities, and University employees' correspondence with state and federal officials shall apply to these guidelines in accordance with Section 92000 of the State Education Code.

University policy governs design specifications and use for stationery (letterhead and envelopes) and business cards at UCI. For policies related to other printed material, refer to Official UCI Brand Guidelines.

Official UCI stationery must be used by all campus units. Questions about exceptions to the official stationery policy should be directed to the Office of the Chancellor or Strategic Communications and Public Affairs.

B. Approved Specifications / Format

  1. Stationery:
    1. The design, including the UCI logo and seal, typefaces, type sizes, and colors may not be altered, nor may the header or footer include photographs or additional artwork.
      • Typefaces:
        • stationery body copy: Cambria, Times Roman, Helvetica, Arial or Verdana
        • stationery header and footer: Cambria.
      • Color:
        • official UCI logo and UCI seal: PMS 7685 (blue)
        • any other body copy: black, with the exception of the website URL in the footer, which should be PMS 7685 (blue).
      • Identifying Information for stationery:
        • Name (optional)
        • Official Title (optional)
        • School Name
        • Department Name
        • Office Address
        • Telephone Number
        • Fax Number (optional)
        • Email address (optional)
        • Website address
    2. To ensure that envelopes and address formats are acceptable to the U.S. Postal Service, the top line of the return address should read: University of California, Irvine. Changing postal regulations can affect campus addresses and address formats. See Transportation and Distribution Services' website for further information on proper address formats.
  2. Business Cards
    1. University business cards may be provided to employees and graduate students who are determined by administrative or academic units to need them in the execution of their official duties.
    2. Business cards of the University must incorporate the approved UCI logo and UCI seal printed in PMS 7685 (blue).
      • Color:
        • official UCI logo, UCI seal and website address: PMS 7685 (blue)
        • any other body copy: black.
      • Identifying Information for business cards:
        • Name
        • Official Title
        • Department Name
        • Office Address
        • Telephone Number
        • Cell Number (optional)
        • Fax Number (optional)
        • Email address
        • Website address
  3. Paper Stock and Recycling
    1. All stationery and collateral should be printed on white paper to accommodate recycling.
      1. Blue paper is no longer used for on-campus memos.
      2. Manila envelopes should not be used for off-campus correspondence.
    2. Letterhead and envelopes for all stationery should be printed on 24# Capitol Bond white paper stock, which is a recycled sheet. Information on ordering blank reams may be obtained from Procurement Services.
    3. Recycled paper should be used whenever possible for additional collateral materials.
  4. Computer-Generated Printing
    1. Official stationery may be printed on laser printers.
      1. Unaltered artwork may be used on proper paper stock.
        • In-house printing: any white bond, 100% recycled paper with 100% post-consumer product (copy paper)
        • Professional printing through UCI online ordering system: paper provided, typically #24 Capitol Bond.
      2. Design specifications may not be altered.
    2. Reproduction by dot matrix printer or photocopier is not permitted as it significantly reduces quality.

C. Resources

  1. Ordering Stationery and Business Cards

    Approved stationery formats for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards are available online.

  2. Official UCI Brand Guidelines: