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Sec. 714-16: Procedures for Accessing University Administrative Information Systems

Responsible Office: Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Revised: September 2011

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  • UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures

Contact: Office of Information Technology at (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu

A. Requesting Access

Access to administrative information systems is provided to employees as necessitated by their job duties. Access is managed by Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs). The employee's supervisor and/or department head sends a request for access to their Departmental Security Administrator using the Access Approval Request Form. For further information, contact your DSA or Office of Information Technology Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu.

B. Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) Authorization

Department heads use the Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) Authorization form to appoint DSAs. The DSA designation will be granted upon receipt of the form, completion of training, and after the DSA acknowledges and agrees to the online DSA Enrollment and Computer Security Use Contract. The Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) Authorization form will also be used to change organizational hierarchy or to cancel DSA authority.

  • Use this form only when there is an addition, change, or cancellation of Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) authorization. Complete one form for each designation/action.
  • Completed forms are maintained by Administrative Computing Services.

C. Logon ID Request/Computer Security and Use Agreement

Employees requiring access to administrative information systems need to have a valid UCINet ID and IBM Login ID. Using the campus Security Access Management System (SAMS), employees designated by their DSA are presented with a Logon ID Request/Computer Security and Use Agreement and electronically agree with the conditions of the agreement when they establish their access account, using the eLogin process.

D. Request for Access to Functions

After the supervisor and/or department head's approval, access to specific administrative information systems (functions) is granted to employees by Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs). DSAs should limit systems access to employees with demonstrable need for access. SAMS electronically sends the request for those functions requiring training and/or approval to the appropriate departments (Procurement Services, Accounting, etc.) for further action.

E. Cancellation Request

When an employee terminates University employment, relocates to another department, or changes departmental responsibilities, and continued access to the administrative information systems is no longer required, it is the responsibility of the DSA to cancel the employee's access. SAMS will notify the DSA of payroll status changes that may indicate the need for access modifications or cancellations.

The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to cancel logon IDs or access to administrative information systems for employees who have separated from University employment.