Policies & Procedures


Section 1


Electronic Communication Services

Sec. 800-11: Campus Radio Systems Guidelines

Responsible Office: Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Revised: December 2007 (reviewed November 2010)

References / Resources

  • UC Business and Finance Bulletin
    • IS-5 Licensing and Operation of University Radio, Television, and Microwave Facilities

Contact: OIT Radio Systems Specialist at (949) 824-8151or brian.chrisman@uci.edu

Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsibile for providing 800MHz radio service to the UCI campus. University two-way radio services may be provided for official University business only. Licensing, installation, and use of radio systems are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and by University policies and procedures.

A. Office of Information Technology (OIT) Responsibilities

OIT is responsible for the proper operation of three radio system sites and for approving and providing two-way radio services. These responsibilities include:

  1. Maintaining UCI's 800MHz trunked radio system backbone;
  2. Maintaining UCI's 800MHz conventional radio system backbone;
  3. Assisting departments to determine radio needs and purchase equipment;
  4. Serving as the trouble reporting center for radio and system emergencies;
  5. Coordinating equipment repairs and replacements with Motorola;
  6. Programming new radios for departmental use;
  7. Establishing recharge rates for radio services and systems. Upon request, OIT acts as liaison for questions or claims against service vendors;
  8. Maintains files for FCC licenses at campus.

OIT office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except University holidays.

B. Departmental Responsibilities

  1. Financially responsible for purchasing and maintaining all radios and related equipment.
  2. Managing the department's radio inventory and notifying OIT Radio Systems Specialist of any reassignments of radios.
  3. Controlling abuse, taking appropriate corrective action, and ensuring policies and procedures are followed.

C. Radio System Description

The 800MHz radio system consists of a Motorola trunked radio system located on the campus. The system, located on top of Rowland Hall, provides radio coverage to the campus. It is used for daily operations and is the primary emergency communications system.

The UC Irvine Medical Center utilizes a conventional two-channel 800MHz system that serves the medical campus and the surrounding area.

A single-channel, standalone wide-area repeater is installed at the Signal Peak radio facility in the Newport Coast area. This channel is available for daily operations if off-campus coverage is needed in central and north Orange County. The Signal Peak channel is a back-up if the campus trunked radio system fails.

D. Portable, Two-Way Radios

Currently there are over 725 Motorola radios activated on the system. These radios utilize technology that enables the addition of new features via software upgrades designed to meet specific user requirements.

The XTS2500 portable radio has replaced the legacy MTS2000. Users can choose from three types:

Type 1.5: Front display only
Type 2: Front display with a limited keypad
Type 3: Front display with full telephone-type keypad

Users may also choose from two types of the Astro Spectra/XTL5000: one for use in vehicles; the other for use as a base station.

E. Purchasing and Programming of 800MHz Radios

OIT manages the purchasing and programming of 800MHz radios for campus users. Departments should not contract directly with vendors but should follow these steps:

  1. The department's business office should complete a OIT Service Request Form (SRF) and include the account and fund to be charged which must be affiliated with a department on campus. Select "800MHz radio service" on the form.
  2. The department must also submit a Purchase Requisition for the 800MHz radio instrument and related equipment to the appropriate buyer in Purchasing. To receive a quote or equipment consultation, contact the OIT Radio Systems Specialist at (949) 824-8151 or brian.chrisman@uci.edu.
  3. When Purchasing receives the requisition, an order will be placed with Motorola. (If the user has been directed to Motorola for consultation, the vendor may work with Purchasing directly to issue the requisition.) Equipment will be shipped directly to the purchaser. The purchaser will then contact the OIT Radio Systems Specialist to program the radios.
  4. The department must advise OIT on how they want the radio programmed. New radios will be programmed with the standard departmental template already on file. If a template does not exist, the programming will be "cloned" from another radio. A $35.00 programming/administrative fee will be charged for each radio programmed. To request development of a special programming template, contact the OIT Radio Systems Specialist at (949) 824-8151 or brian.chrisman@uci.edu.
  5. Charges for 800MHz radio backbone system maintenance will appear on the department's monthly OIT Telephone Billing Statement as a monthly recurring charge under the six-digit radio ID number. Information on the 800MHz backbone monthly charge can be found on the OIT webpage.