Policies & Procedures


Section 1


Electronic Communication Services

Sec. 800-12: Data Communications Systems Guidelines

Responsible Office: Office of Information Technology (OIT)
September 2011
OIT Customer Service at (949) 824-5123

A. Requesting Communications Services

  1. Requesting Services

    To request communication services such as telephone or data network installations, submit an OIT-Services Request Form (SRF). Each form must include the following:

    1. Type of services
    2. Location of the requested services
    3. UCInetID of the primary user
    4. UCInetID of individual authorizing the charge against department funds.
    5. Account/fund/sub to be charged.

    For assistance, contact OIT Customer Service at (949) 824-5123.

  2. Changing Orders

    To modify an SRF that has been submitted, contact OIT Customer Service at (949) 824-5123. Do not ask OIT technicians to make changes to the order as they can do only what the order specifies. Once an order has been completed, changes or alterations can only be made by submitting a new SRF.

  3. Lead Time

    Allow 10 business days for completion of a service order. For urgent services and for estimates of the time required to complete large service orders, e.g., more than 10 telephone lines, contact OIT Customer Service at (949) 824-5123.

  4. Location of Equipment

    All network and telephone outlets and cable facilities must be accessible at all times for installation and repair. Bookcases, ceiling tile, file cabinets, and all other furniture blocking access to facilities must be removed by the requesting department.

B. Billing

  1. Billing for telephone and network services is shown on the monthly Telephone Billing Statement. Charges are broken down into several categories: Equipment, Installation Charges, Usage Charges and Debit & Credit Adjustments.
  2. Departments have 30 days to request an adjustment to their bill. After that time, no adjustments will be made.
  3. For billing questions, contact OIT Customer Service at (949) 824-5123.