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Section 1

Physical Environment and Properties

Buildings and Grounds: General Use

Sec. 900-31: Guidelines for Filming and Photography on the UC Irvine Campus

Responsible Office: Student Affairs
Revised: July 2023

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Contact: UCI Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252 or scesfilm@uci.edu

A. Responsibilities

  1. Student Center and Event Services is responsible for all arrangements pertaining to filming and photography on campus including issuing the permit, coordinating with other campus units, and supervising the shoot.
  2. Use of the names, marks, logos or trademarks of the University of California, the campus, or any abbreviations thereof is governed by Regents policy and California and federal law. Such use is prohibited unless written permission is obtained in advance from the University through the Director – Student Center and Event Services.
  3. Users of campus property must comply with all University policies and regulations, and spaces must be left in the same condition in which they were found.
  4. The University has the right to enforce time, place, and manner restrictions on any activity conducted on University property. A location reservation may be moved to accommodate another University function; however, every attempt will be made to ensure the success of the filming activity (see Section 900-10, Policy on Use and Scheduling of UC Irvine Properties).
  5. A permit is required to film or photograph on the UC Irvine campus with the following exceptions:
    • Incidental, unobtrusive filming or photography by UC Irvine faculty, staff or students creating work to be used for non-commercial, educational or administrative purposes
    • Incidental, unobtrusive filming or photography by visitors for non-commercial purposes
    • News and documentary reporting, which are coordinated by the Office of Media Relations.
  6. All filmmakers must follow the Filmmakers Code of Conduct. Any production group or individual found in violation of this Code risks cancellation of its production and suspension of the organization or individual from further use of UC Irvine property.

B. Definitions

The following terms are used only for the purposes of these Guidelines:

Broadcast Television: Films made for, and broadcast via, television.

Commercial: A film, television, or radio advertisement created to market a product and or service.

Feature Film: A film made for initial distribution in theaters and being the "main attraction" of the screening (as opposed to any short films which may be screened before it). The term is also used for feature length, direct-to-video and television productions.

Filming: The capturing of moving or still images of UC Irvine property by any means or media now known or that may be invented in the future including, but not limited to, film, videotape, digital disk or any electronic transmission to or via any medium, including the Internet.

Non-Broadcast Video: Film that is not made for, or broadcast via, television.

Print Ad: A printed advertisement, as distinguished from a broadcast or electronically transmitted commercial.

Public Service Announcement (PSA): A type of advertisement featured on television, radio, print or any other media intended to benefit the public interest by raising awareness of an issue, affecting public attitudes, and potentially stimulating action.

Student Production: A film project created by a student/students as part of a class, University program, or their educational experience.

C. Approval Authority

Student Center and Event Services will review all applications for film and photography permits, issue permits, and collect related fees. Application approval and determination of applicable fees may vary depending on the proposed activity.

Student Center and Event Services will:

  • Evaluate potential logistical problems and determine the appropriate facilities and required services;
  • Obtain approval from all appropriate facility authorities prior to issuing a permit;
  • Grant permits for specific dates and times that do not conflict with scheduled campus events, academic programming or University business;
  • Determine the need for assigning on-site Student Center and Event Services staff;
  • Ensure that the proposed filming or photography does not include campus images; unless specifically approved (see Section 900-30: Policy on Film and Photography on the UC Irvine Campus); and
  • Coordinate with other campus units and arrange services as necessary following permit application approval.

D. Permit Requirements

  1. Filming on campus must not interfere with normal University business and/or previously scheduled events. To obtain a permit, submit a completed application to Student Center and Event Services.
    FilmmakerSubmits to Student Center and Event Services
    UC Irvine students Application for the UC Irvine Film and Photography Permit
    All other organizations and individuals Application for the UC Irvine Film and Photography Permit

    Film Location Agreement

  2. A permit application can be approved only upon completion of the following requirements:
    • Specific date(s) and location(s) have been confirmed and approved by Student Center and Event Services.
    • Concept review has been completed.
    • University service personnel, if required, are confirmed available.
    • Parking and Transportation Services has approved the parking plan for both production vehicles and private cars.
    • A Certificate of Liability Insurance, if applicable, has been received by Student Center and Event Services (see Insurance).
    • The Fire Safety Division has approved the film shoot.
    • Film permit fees (and other estimated charges) have been received by Student Center and Event Services.
    • Security and damage deposits, if required, have been received by Student Center and Event Services.
    • A Film Location Agreement has been signed by authorized approvers. Location agreements are not required for UC Irvine student filming.

E. Scheduling Dates and Locations

  1. During academic sessions, filming on campus is generally restricted to weekends or University holidays, unless otherwise approved by the Director – Student Center and Event Services.
  2. Prior to filming, a representative of the production team will generally walk through the desired location(s) with a representative of Student Center and Event Services. Permission for site surveys, and location and technical scouts, does not constitute commitment by the University for the use of facilities.
  3. While most areas of the UC Irvine campus are not restricted, other areas may not be filmed without specific written approval. Such locations and representations include, but are not limited to:
    • Words, names, images, symbols and devices associated with UC Irvine
    • Any representation of the UC Irvine Anteater
    • Health and medical facilities
    • Faculty and staff residential housing areas
    • Certain research laboratories

    Requests to use these locations require a detailed filming or photography schedule that includes all areas affected by the filming (“in frame” and behind the camera), and all measures the filmmakers will take to ensure the integrity of the area and to minimize the impact on University business. Requests are submitted to Student Center and Event Services prior to the start of any filming or photography. If the location is approved, the production must follow the submitted schedule and submit any changes, in writing, to Student Center and Event Services for approval.

  4. Use of any location can be approved only with the consent of the venue holder and in consideration of the surrounding areas and activities. Scheduled University events, regardless of size, take precedence over filming activities when determining location availability.

F. Concept Review

A general script, storyboard, or outline of the proposed shoot concept must be submitted to Student Center and Event Services prior to the shoot date. Student Center and Event Services must be informed of major changes or revisions following submission. The University reserves the right to withdraw the permit if these changes are in conflict with the mission or interests of the University. A permit cannot be issued if a general script, storyboard, or outline of the proposed shoot concept is not available or the request is for stock footage.

G. UC Irvine Support Personnel

  1. Student Center and Event Services coordinates all arrangements for the film production team. A Senior Meeting & Event Planner assists production personnel with technical and location scouts, obtains permissions from various campus agents, and negotiates contracts. Student Center and Event Services staff assist cast and crew on the day(s) of filming. If specific locations require staff familiar with the location (e.g., librarians), Student Center and Event Services will make the arrangements.
  2. Personnel whose presence is required as a condition of the Film Location Agreement must be scheduled in advance of the film shoot. Personnel include, but are not limited to, Student Center and Event Services staff, fire safety staff, custodial and grounds staff, University police officers and traffic controllers.
  3. Unless requested by the film company, Student Center and Events Services will work with the UC Irvine Police Department to determine, if necessary, the appropriate presence of uniformed or plainclothes police officers. In some cases, traffic directors and facilities personnel also may be necessary.

H. Fire Safety

The State Fire Marshal’s office has designated the Campus Fire Marshal on the UC Irvine campus as the authority with jurisdiction. Special events on campus must comply with the California State Fire Code and all applicable state codes and standards. All special events, including filming, must be reviewed and approved by the Fire Safety Division of EH&S.

I. Parking

  1. Parking on campus is by permit only. Arrangements for cast, crew, and production vehicles must be made in advance of the filming.
  2. Parking for trucks and trailers is limited. Transportation captains of large companies should visit the campus prior to the day(s) of filming to finalize special arrangements.
  3. Parking fees are based on the number of parking spaces occupied, as well as staffing and labor costs.
  4. All access and fire roads in and around all location(s) must remain free and clear of any and all obstructions at all times during shoot occupation. No vehicles are allowed to park in any access or fire roads.
  5. Violation of any parking regulation can result in a parking citation, unless prior approval has been obtained from Parking and Transportation Services.

NOTE: Maximum vehicle height: 6’10” for all parking structures.

J. Insurance

  1. Prior to filming and/or load in, filmmakers must provide UC Irvine’s Student Center and Event Services with a Certificate of Liability Insurance with a combined single limit of not less than:
    • US $2 million/occurrence & $3 million aggregate -- Film and television productions*
    • US $1 million /occurrence & $2 million aggregate -- PSA, non-UCI student productions and still photography
  2. The filmmaker must also supply an Additionally Insured Endorsement naming The Regents of the University of California as additionally insured for the day(s) of filming, load in and strike. Policies for workers compensation insurance and vehicle liability also must be submitted. The University retains the right to require additional insurance based on production size and level.
  3. UC Irvine student productions are not required to provide proof of insurance.

* Applies to feature films, broadcast television, non-broadcast video, and commercials.

K. Payments and Deposits

  1. Payment for all fees and services must be payable to The Regents of the University of California and be received prior to commencement of filming, unless specifically agreed to in advance.
  2. Student Center and Event Services will determine the total cost for filming or photography at UC Irvine. Cost will include, but is not limited to, all permit fees, location rentals, staffing, and University supplied equipment or materials.
  3. A non-refundable deposit may be required to hold a particular date or location.
  4. If a company check is not available, a cashier’s or certified check will be required.

L. Film Permit Fees

  1. Permit fees are based on a half day/full day rate system. The time covered by the filming permit begins when the first production vehicle arrives and ends when the last vehicle leaves on the day of the filming. A half day is 6 hours or less, and a full day is between 6 and12 hours. An overtime fee may be assessed after 12 hours if the University determines that University resources are necessary.
  2. Fees for location rental, parking, security, fire safety staff, venue management, and grounds/custodial staff are additional to the permit fee.
  3. Students (UC Irvine and non-UC Irvine) must show proof of student status (e.g., student ID card) in order to receive the applicable, discounted, student film permit rate.

M. Cancellation

Cancellation of an approved film permit must be received by Student Center and Event Services no later than three business days prior to the scheduled start of filming, unless otherwise agreed to in the Film Location Agreement. The permit holder is responsible for all costs incurred by the University up to the time of cancellation. For UCI students and UC departments, a $25 late fee will apply. For all other organizations and individuals, a minimum of one day’s film permit fee will be charged for late cancellations.

The University reserves the right to cancel a film permit at any time if:

  • the activity conflicts with the University’s teaching, research or outreach mission;
  • the shoot is deemed unsafe by the Campus Fire Marshal or a member of the EH&S Fire Safety Division; or
  • the University does not receive payment for services and fees in accordance with the Film Location Agreement.