Policies & Procedures


Section 1

Physical Environment and Properties

Buildings and Grounds: Planning and Construction

Sec. 901-12: Environmental Planning & Sustainability

Responsible Office: Environmental Planning & Sustainability
Revised: July 2015

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Contact: Director, Environmental Planning & Sustainability at (949) 824-7058

A. Environmental Planning & Sustainability (EP&S)

Environmental Planning & Sustainability (EP&S) plans the use, physical character, and responsible stewardship of resources in support of UCI's teaching, research, and public service mission. EP&S responsibilities include:

  • Land Use Planning (Long Range Development Plan and Implementation Plans)
  • Implementation of the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices
  • Project Development Planning (Major Capital Improvement Projects, Minor Capital Projects, and third-party projects)
  • Environmental Analysis and Monitoring (including CEQA compliance)
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Planning
  • Real Estate Development Planning (third-party projects and off-site acquisitions)
  • Site Selection
  • Design Review (Minor Capital Review, Design Review Team, and Campus Physical and Environmental Committee)
  • Community Planning (working with city, county, special districts, State and private entities on local and regional physical planning and sustainability issues)
  • Environmental Design (Physical Design Framework and other design guidelines and development standards).
  • Development and implementation of UCI sustainability plans including Climate Action Plan and Water Action Plan.

B. Primary Responsibilities

  1. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

    EP&S is responsible for implementation of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for all projects on the UCI campus, medical center, and off-campus properties. This includes environmental analysis, development and filing of CEQA documentation, and mitigation monitoring. The Director of EP&S serves as UCI's CEQA officer for approval of CEQA and other environmental documents and permits.

  2. Long Range Development Plan (LRDP)

    EP&S is responsible for development and management of the campus Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and Medical Center LRDP. Under Regental authority and California Code, an LRDP indicates how each campus will utilize its physical resources to accommodate physical program needs. An LRDP generally includes a land use, circulation and transportation, open space, and utility element.

  3. Physical Design Framework

    EP&S is responsible for development and management of the Physical Design Framework (PDF) for the campus and medical center including PDF compliance review of all proposed projects approved by the Chancellor under delegated authority.

  4. Site Selection

    EP&S is responsible for site selection for facilities constructed on the UCI campus, medical center, and other properties. This includes evaluation and recommendation of sites to the appropriate decision maker.

  5. Sustainability

    EP&S serves as the UCI control point for implementation of the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices. EP&S coordinates with administrative units at the campus and medical center to implement policy requirements including Climate Protection, Sustainable Water Systems, Green Building, Clean Energy, Sustainable Operations, and Sustainable Transportation. The Director of EP&S serves as UCI's Sustainability Officer and is responsible for annual reporting of UCI sustainability data including Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Use.

  6. Committees
    1. Design Review Team (DRT)

      Established by the Chancellor in 1989, Design Review Team (DRT) reviews and advises on:

      • proposed building sites
      • schematic building designs and landscape elements
      • street furniture and signage
      • design refinements after schematic design approval (including final exterior material and color specifications)

      Approval by this review body is a prerequisite for submittal to CPEC for formal approval on sites and building designs.

    2. Campus Physical and Environmental Committee (CPEC)

      Campus Physical and Environmental Committee (CPEC) reviews all items involving development of the campus and medical center including reviewing and recommending changes to the Long-Range Development Plan; reviews plans for buildings, roads, walks, utilities, landscaping and alterations to existing structures; reviews and monitors community planning activities which may affect University interests; reviews any projects or item affecting the exterior physical appearance of either the campus or medical center; reviews the status of, and if necessary, directs corrective action in the upkeep of physical facilities and general site conditions which affect the overall appearance of the campus and/or medical center. Items to be presented to the Committee should be directed to the Director of EP&S, who is the secretary of the Committee, one month in advance of the next scheduled meeting's agenda. CPEC meets monthly, with the actual schedule coordinated by the Director of EP&S.

    3. UCI Sustainability Committee

      In 2008 UCI established the UCI Sustainability Committee to advise the Chancellor, and other members of the administration, on matters pertaining to sustainability. The mission of the UCI Sustainability Committee is to:

      • Engage various campus stakeholders in a joint effort to reduce UCI's ecological footprint and its impact on the environment
      • Work with the campus community and others to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to preserve natural resources, and to integrate sustainability into existing educational, operational, research, and public service programs
      • Incorporate sustainability into long-range planning and design
      • Oversee the development and implementation of a campus sustainability/climate-neutral action plan
      • Provide a foundation for UCI's support of systemwide efforts to meet the University's climate-neutral goals.