Policies & Procedures


Section 1

Physical Environment and Properties

Buildings and Grounds: Maintenance and Operation

Sec. 902-10: Guidelines for UCI Campus Services Provided by Facilities Management

Responsible Administrator: Associate Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety
Revised: September 2016

References / Resources

Contact: Facilities Management Service Desk at (949) 824-5444 or fm-servicedesk@uci.edu

Other Contacts:

  • Life-threatening emergencies: 911
  • Urgent requests (broken gas or water lines): (949) 824-5444
  • UCI Police Department: (949) 824-5223
  • Campus Fire Marshal: (949) 824-4077
  • Environmental Health & Safety: (949) 824-6200

A. Authorities

  1. Operation and Oversight

    Facilities Management is responsible for the operation, routine maintenance, and repair of UCI campus buildings and grounds as authorized in the UC Facilities Manual. Campus utilities and energy management and strategic planning for load reduction, campus growth, and infrastructure operational improvements are aligned with the University of California Sustainable Practices Policy. The Associate Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety establishes the minimum level of maintenance and services that will be provided for University structures and grounds based on available resources. Address concerns to fmavc@uci.edu.

  2. State-Supported and Recharged Services

    Facilities Management provides established levels of maintenance, repair services, and utilities to State-funded programs and activities without charge. The Facilities Management Maintenance Funding Guide lists the services and utilities while differentiating between those provided to State-supported space and those charged to the customer. Services beyond established campus levels, additional services, and services provided to programs or activities that are not State-funded, are provided on a recharge basis.

    1. The sponsor of any program or activity that is not eligible for operation and maintenance of plant (OMP) funds from the State must include sufficient funds, as line items in the program's budget, to cover all costs of building maintenance, utilities, refuse disposal, custodial services, and grounds maintenance at established campus levels for all facilities used to support the program or activity.
    2. If a program or activity uses utilities in excess of allocated funding for the area served, or exceeds the amount normally supplied to an equivalent space, such consumption may be recharged (see Sec. 902-12: Guidelines for Conservation and Management of Energy and Water Resources).
    3. Requests may be submitted to adjust scheduled services to accommodate a special event or unusual work schedule. Exceptional services will be recharged unless the activity is a campus instructional program (courses appearing in the Registrar’s schedule of classes). Facilities Management service agreements should be established annually for services provided on a regular, recurring basis.

B. Health and Safety

Operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all physical facilities, whether performed by Facilities Management, other campus personnel, or contractors, must comply with health and safety regulations established by the California Occupational Safety and Health Act (CAL/OSHA).

All repairs or alterations pertaining to the basic utility services such as electric wiring, gas, steam, vacuum, air, potable water, recycled water, high purity water (e.g. RO, distilled, deionized), high temperature water, chilled water, and sewage lines must be managed by Facilities Management. Departmental faculty, staff or students should never attempt to repair, construct, or make attachments to the basic utilities, except by means of provided service connections. Experimental equipment or facilities provided by departments must conform to standard safety, health, and fire regulations as well as campus standards.

The entire campus community, faculty, staff and students, share the responsibility to keep UCI campus buildings and grounds safe, and conserve and use resources in a sustainable manner. Report concerns to the Facilities Management service desk at (949) 824-5444 or email fmavc@uci.edu.

C. Building Security and Access

  1. Building and facility locks are keyed in accordance with the campus master keying system administered by the Facilities Management Lock Shop. Departments and organizations assigned space are responsible for issue and control of keys (see Sec. 902-14: Policy for Key Control and Access to Campus Facilities). Immediately report lost keys to the UCI Police Department.
  2. Installation, maintenance, and operation of any electronic security system must comply with Sec. 902-13: Guidelines for Electronic Security Systems.
  3. Building Access Schedules display the open hours for campus buildings and facilities. To gain access to a campus building after hours, contact the UCI Police Department.
  4. Roof Access must be authorized by Facilities Management.

D. Building Occupants: Services and Responsibilities

Occupants of UCI campus buildings should request the services of Facilities Management to maintain the functionality and appearance of campus property: No attempt should be made to repair buildings or any building related accessories, furnishings, or structures. Facilities Management provides services that ensure compliance with CAL/OSHA, other safety regulations, and campus standards. Submit an Online Service Request (https://service.fac.uci.edu/) for service or, for urgent requests, call (949) 824-5444.

  1. Custodial and Desk-Side Recycling

    Custodial and desk-side recycling services, and routine maintenance of buildings, utilities and grounds are performed on a regular basis at no charge to State-supported space. Classroom and public areas are cleaned and desk-side recycling picked up according to a regular schedule. Other recycling and refuse services are also performed by Facilities Management and special services may be requested.

  2. Use of Interior Space
    1. Attachments to Walls and Furnishings

      Request service for the hanging of large pictures, blackboards, corkboards, plaques, or other heavy objects. Attach small pictures, notices, and other lightweight items using push pins or picture hooks. Do not use scotch tape or masking tape on any painted walls, doors, or furnishings.

    2. Floor Load Limitation

      Request an evaluation of the floor loading capacity for any single item of equipment or furniture weighing more than 500 pounds. Such items require approval from Facilities Management prior to placement.

    3. Electrical Appliances

      Privately Owned heaters, electric fans, coffee pots, hot plates, etc., are not recommended for use in campus space (space heaters are prohibited for new and replacement installations; contact Facilities Management for alternatives). If used, a device must not create a fire or safety hazard and must include a three-wire cord. Blade guards with openings should be no wider than one-half inch on fans. Coffee pots should not have exposed metal parts. Electric heaters must conform to UL and California energy regulations. All equipment must be turned off when personnel are not present.

      University Owned electrical appliances, tools, or equipment must be equipped with a three-wire grounded power cord or have a UL approved double insulated plastic case. Any exception to this requirement must be approved by Environmental Health & Safety.

  3. Building Maintenance
    1. Accessories and Furnishings

      Request service to remove, relocate, alter, dismantle, paint, or repair any accessories attached to a building or part of the original construction such as plumbing, heating, and lighting fixtures, cabinets, shelving, doors, hardware, and bulletin boards.

    2. Electrical

      Request replacement of burned-out fluorescent light tubes. Defective lighting equipment requiring prompt attention, such as alarms, should be reported immediately. Request installation of electrical outlets when voltage greater than 120 volts is required.

    3. Elevators

      Report any elevator that is malfunctioning or in need of adjustment.

    4. Fire Equipment

      Regular inspection and servicing by EH&S ensures firefighting equipment is in good condition. If a fire extinguisher or fire hose has been used, tampered with, lost or stolen, report the incident to Facilities Management. Fire extinguishers should be kept in the provided bracket and should not be moved to any other location. To request an evaluation for fire extinguisher relocation or installation of additional units, contact the Campus Fire Marshal.

    5. Heating, Cooling, and Ventilating Systems

      Offices and classroom buildings on the campus have complete mechanical systems designed for energy efficiency and to keep temperatures within campus standards. Unless designed as a feature of the building ventilation system (a limited number of buildings on campus have this feature), windows should not be opened by building occupants. Request service when heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems need adjustment. Obtain authorization from Facilities Management to enter any restricted, locked area containing electrical distribution, transformers, heating, ventilating or cooling machinery, air compressors, vacuum pumps, or related equipment.

    6. Pest Management

      Request multi-tactic insect and rodent control services.

    7. Signage

      Campus standards include specifications for standard interior building signage, including fire/life safety signs, elevator signs, stairway identification, room capacity, directional signs and signs for accessible spaces (rooms and occupants). The physical characteristics of standard signage are subject to a number of regulatory code provisions and are specific for each building. Any additions or changes to standard building signage must conform to the existing sign specifications. Occupants must request new or modified signage from Facilities Management and also inform them of missing or incorrect signs.

      Exterior signage on the UCI campus (including wayfinding, traffic and information signs) is subject to graphic format and design standards maintained by Environmental Planning & Sustainability. Prior to installation, the location and design of all proposed signage must be submitted to Environmental Planning & Sustainability for review.

      Requests for new or additional interior or exterior non-standard signage must be made to Facilities Management and must be approved by the Dean or designee in academic buildings or the department head in other buildings. It is the requestor’s responsibility to obtain the required approval on the Request for Campus Signs form.

      Posting literature and other like materials on campus grounds is limited to the approved locations (see Sec. 900-12: Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature and Materials).

    8. Structure

      Request repairs or alterations of any building, partition, door, window, wall, floor, or accessory attached to the structure.

    9. Painting

      Exterior painting for all surfaces must conform to established campus standards and the work be reviewed or managed by Facilities Management.

      Interior painting exceeding $25,000 must conform to established campus standards and the work be reviewed or managed by Facilities Management. Certain interior painting services (up to $25,000) are allowable on a purchase order. All painting contractors must pay prevailing wage, be certified with the Department of Industrial Relations, meet UCI’s standards and requirements and all other applicable University policies.

    10. Built-In Equipment

      Report malfunctions of installed building equipment such as corridor clocks, eye-wash fountains, hydration stations, safety showers, fume hoods, drinking fountains, and door closers.

  4. Defacement of Buildings

    Report incidents of malicious destruction or defacement of building structure, furnishings, or equipment immediately to the UCI Police Department.

E. Construction

  1. Alterations and Renovations

    Campus renovation projects are managed by the Facilities Project Services Team or Design and Construction Services (see Sec. 901-10: Capital Planning and Sec. 901-13: Design & Construction Services). The Facilities Project Services Team and skilled trades’ staff work with the campus community to accomplish projects involving the alteration, improvement or renovation of physical space. Estimates for trades jobs and renovation projects are prepared without charge in accordance with the Facilities Management Trades Estimating Guide.

    To assure that work is performed in a manner compatible with existing systems, State contracting laws, and applicable codes and regulations, all structural modifications or renovation work performed on University owned or occupied buildings or systems must be coordinated and approved by Facilities Management. Charges for labor and materials are uploaded monthly to the campus financial system and appear in the departmental general ledger. In addition to invoices emailed to customers, a number of reports and queries are available online.

    The Facilities Project Services Team operates as a self-sustaining enterprise whose project managers support all aspects of the construction process, from project definition and feasibility analysis to close-out and occupancy. Projects that need to be completed during the summer or quarter breaks should be scheduled as early as possible. To initiate a project, submit an Online Service Request (https://service.fac.uci.edu/).

  2. Interruption of Utility Service

    Requests for interruption of utility or other support services should be submitted to Facilities Management at least two weeks before the proposed date of interruption. If the interruption is part of major capital contract construction work, the construction inspector should contact affected users prior to proposing a date for the interruption. The inspector's request should indicate the persons contacted and must be approved by the Project Manager. Facilities Management will coordinate the service interruption and notify the campus community as appropriate.

  3. Excavations

    Requests for excavations for any purpose outside a construction site must be submitted to Facilities Management at least two weeks before the proposed start date. Facilities Management will identify underground utilities or other potential obstructions and coordinate the request with affected departments/offices before approving a request.

F. Other Facilities Management Services