Policies & Procedures


Section 1

Physical Environment and Properties

Buildings and Grounds: Maintenance and Operation

902-12: Guidelines for Conservation and Management of Energy and Water Resources

Responsible Office: Facilities Management
Revised: August 2015

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Contact: Campus Energy Manager at mgudorf@uci.edu or (949) 824-9309

A. Purpose

UC Irvine's long-term conservation and management practices ensure efficient utilization of energy and water resources in support of the teaching, research and public service missions of the University.

B. Responsibilities

The Assistant Vice Chancellor-Facilities Management, under the direction of the Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services, is responsible for improving energy delivery systems and developing new energy-saving programs in accordance with the University of California Sustainable Practices Policy.

C. Excessive Utilities Use

In general, Facilities Management provides utilities to State-funded programs and activities without charge. If a specific program uses utilities in excess of budgeted funding for the area served, such consumption may be recharged. Auxiliary units are recharged for all utility use.

D. Equipment Cooling

  1. California Constitution, Article 10, Section 2 prohibits wasteful use of water. Once-through cooling using water is a wasteful use of water and is prohibited on campus.
  2. Contact and coordinate with Facilities Management prior to purchasing or installing equipment that requires air or liquid cooling.
  3. Equipment requiring air-cooling will be connected to the campus chilled-water system through an intervening heat exchange system such as a fan coil or dedicated air handling system.
  4. Equipment requiring liquid cooling will be connected to an existing building process cooling water system or to the campus chilled-water system through an intervening heat exchange system.
  5. Under no circumstances may direct expansion refrigeration systems be used to cool computer systems without prior written approval from Facilities Management.

E. Utilities Costs and Equipment Selection

Every equipment purchase should be cost effective. Include the cost of utilities when determining the life-cycle cost of equipment selected for installation. Consult with Facilities Management throughout the selection process.

F. Prohibited Uses of Electricity

Certain uses of electricity are prohibited on campus for new and replacement installations. Contact Facilities Management for alternatives.

  • Portable electric space heaters
  • Incandescent lamps (requests for experimental or theatrical exceptions must be approved by the Campus Energy Manager)
  • High pressure sodium vapor lamps
  • Mercury vapor lamps
  • T-12 fluorescent lighting
  • Electric water stills
  • Electric water heaters (if natural gas or other alternatives are available)
  • Electric reheat coils (requests for emergency standby heating for vivariums must be approved by the Campus Energy Manager)