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Physical Environment and Properties

Buildings and Grounds: Maintenance and Operation

Sec. 902-13: Guidelines for Electronic Security Systems

Responsible Office: Facilities Management
Revised: September 2012

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  • UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures

Contact: Lock and Security Systems at (949) 824-4864

A. Purpose and Responsibility

UC Irvine's integrated electronic security and access control systems are designed to protect University personnel and property. To ensure consistent and reliable interface with campus systems, any department/unit or individual intending to purchase or install any type of electronic security system should consult with Facilities Management and UCI Police Department.

Facilities Management and the UCI Police Department will review all requests for new systems and modifications to existing electronic security systems. To be integrated with the campus, a system must be compatible with and connected to the UCI Police Department's monitoring interface. Such systems must be installed and maintained by Facilities Management.

Departments/units are responsible for the costs of installation, maintenance, and operation of any type of electronic security system, as well as charges for a false alarm response.

B. Definitions

  1. Electronic security system - An access, alarm, or control system that provides a higher level of security than a standard lock.
  2. Monitored security system - An electronic security system connected to a UCI Police Department computer that initiates a police response when an alarm signal is received.
  3. Types of Systems
    1. Access Control System - A "card key" access control system is used when a high level of security is required. Card key systems are managed by Facilities Management (Lock and Security Shop) and the UCI Police Department, in coordination with the department/unit.
    2. Alarm Systems - An alarm system immediately sends a report to the UCI Police Department's dispatch center.
      • Emergency or panic alarm - An alarm installed in locations that have life-threatening, medical, or other incidents requiring immediate police response. Installation of this type of alarm is limited to areas where use of the alarm is controlled by authorized personnel.
      • Intrusion alarm - An alarm used to detect unauthorized entry into an area during specified hours. Cashiering operations may install robbery alarms in conjunction with intrusion alarms to provide 24 hour coverage of critical areas.
      • Robbery (hold up) alarm - An alarm reserved for use by cashiering points, or those areas where money is handled, and activated only when a robbery, attempted robbery, or scheduled test takes place.
      • Temporary alarm - A portable alarm used at the discretion of the UCI Police Department for immediate short-term protection.
    3. Video System - A video system uses a digital or network video recorder (DVR or NVR) as well as security cameras to monitor a location and store data for later retrieval in the event of an intrusion or other emergency. Video systems can provide live viewing. They may stand alone or be integrated with the UCI Police Department's security system so that an alarm activates a video image.

C. Protocol for Security System Requests

  1. Before requesting a security system, other crime prevention measures, such as equipment identification, securing devices, and additional locking mechanisms, should be considered. To request the purchase or installation of a security system, submit an Online Service Request.
  2. Facilities Management staff will coordinate a meeting with UCI Police and the requesting department to discuss options and provide an estimate of installation costs. The consultation is provided at no charge to the requesting department. Activation and monitoring are coordinated through the UCI Police Department.
  3. Security systems purchased and/or installed without prior consultation with Facilities Management and UCI Police Department may create a potential risk for the campus and remain the responsibility of the owner. Connection to the UCI Police Department electronic security system and maintenance by Facilities Management at a later date may not be possible.

D. Installing and Monitoring Responsibilities

  1. Departments/units must arrange for any necessary telephone wiring with CATS prior to installation of a security alarm system.
  2. In areas where an intrusion alarm will be installed, signs approved by the UCI Police Department warning of the alarm must be posted at all entrances to the alarm-installed areas.
  3. Departments/units are responsible for testing and maintaining their alarm systems to ensure proper functioning. Facilities Management performs maintenance of security alarm systems as a recharged service; this can be requested on an Online Service Request.