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Sec. 904-11: Parking Permit and Adjudication Guidelines

Responsible Office: Transportation and Distribution Services
Revised: April 2012

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Contact: Transportation and Distribution Services at (949) 824-7275

A. Requirements

All vehicles parked on the UCI campus must display a valid UCI parking permit unless parked in metered or time-controlled spaces.

Parking access is non-transferable and, excluding permitless housing communities, is granted by authority of Transportation and Distribution Services.

Vehicle operators may purchase only those permits with parking privileges designated and assigned to their user category. For example, only campus residents can purchase resident parking permits.

Campus affiliates must show evidence of their association with the University, such as a student or employee identification card, when purchasing parking permits. Providing false information may result in the issuance of a citation or in the revocation of parking privileges.

Vehicle operators enrolled in permitless parking are responsible for keeping license plate or registration information up-to-date.

  1. Permit Placement

    Permits must be affixed to the vehicle's window glass, displayed from the rearview mirror, or placed on the driver-side of the vehicle's front dash. Permits must be removed from vehicles upon expiration.

    1. Window Decal

      The permit should be attached to the lower left interior of an automobile's driver-side windshield.

    2. Hangtag Permit

      Hangtag Permits should be hung from the inside rearview mirror and be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle. If the vehicle's inside mirror is not at the top and center of the front windshield, the permit should be hung from the visor or other object, or placed face-side up on the dashboard so that the entire permit face is readily visible from the outside of the vehicle.

    3. Dash Display Permits

      Some permits should be displayed on the front dash of the vehicle. Permits of this type include, but are not limited to Special Event Permits, Dispenser Permits, and One-Day Visitor/Event Permits. These permits must be displayed on the driver-side dash and should be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

    4. Motorcycle Permit

      Motorcycle Permits should be placed on the right front fork and be clearly visible from the right front side of the vehicle.

    5. Convertible Kit

      Convertible Kit Permits must be hung from the inside rearview mirror and be clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

  2. Payment Methods

    Permits may be purchased with cash, check, money order, traveler's check, or any major credit card. Cash payments of $10.00 or more must be paid with bills; coins are not accepted. If payment under $10.00 is made with coins, the coins must be wrapped, and the applicant's name and identification number must be written on the outside of each roll.

    1. Permit Sales

      The full permit fee must be paid at the time of purchase. Students must purchase permits online. Eligible permit types will be available to each individual as assigned.

    2. Payroll Deduction
      1. UCI employees with employment appointments of at least 50 percent may pay permit fees through monthly payroll deduction on either a pre-tax or post-tax basis. Pre-tax and post-tax options are only available to those using payroll deduction. The employee's appointment duration must be a minimum of three months from the date of purchase. Permit fee deductions appear on the upcoming month's paycheck.
      2. Payment Obligation: An employee who pays permit fees through payroll deduction is liable for payment until the permit expires or is returned to Transportation and Distribution Services. The employee is responsible for permit fees even if the fees cannot be payroll deducted (as in the case of disability leave). Non-deductible permit fees must be paid by cash, check, or major credit card by the tenth working day of the month. If payment is not received by this date, Transportation and Distribution Services will collect overdue fees through future payroll deductions or private collection.
    3. On-Line Purchase

      Students wishing to purchase permits must do so online at www.parking.uci.edu using a major credit card. Permits are sent to specified mailing addresses or may be picked up, with a student identification card, at any Transportation and Distribution Services kiosk.

    4. Departmental Recharge

      Departments can purchase parking permits for guests, volunteers, and other non-compensated individuals via departmental recharge. Departments cannot purchase parking permits for University employees or students. All requests for departmental purchases of parking permits for individuals are referred to Internal Audit for approval before permits are issued.

      Departments can order permits online through the Permit Reservation System and visitors can pick up their permit at any Transportation and Distribution Services kiosk. Fees are charged only upon permit pick-up.

  3. Permit Cancellation

    A permit may be cancelled by returning it to Transportation and Distribution Services before the permit's expiration date.

    1. Refund Policy

      Permits must be returned to the Transportation and Distribution Services office to receive a refund.

      A minimum transaction fee or prorated amount is assessed. If a permit purchased on-line has not been printed, the entire cost of the permit, less the transaction fee, is refunded to the purchaser. Once the purchaser receives the permit, the conditions for a refund follow the policy described above.

      Refunds for permits purchased with cash or check are paid by check and mailed to the address supplied by the purchaser. Refunds for purchases made with credit cards are paid directly to the credit card used for the purchase.

    2. Forgotten Permit

      If a long-term (one month or longer) permit is forgotten, the individual who purchased the permit may receive a replacement permit for the day at no charge. A limited number of temporary permits will be provided per year before an individual must pay for a replacement permit.

  4. Lost/Stolen/Counterfeit/Altered Permit
    1. Lost Permit

      A permit holder who subsequently loses a parking permit should report the loss to the Transportation and Distribution Services office. The individual reporting the permit lost may purchase a replacement permit for a transaction fee.

    2. Stolen Permit

      A permit holder should report the theft of a parking permit to both the UCI Police Department and Transportation and Distribution Services. The transaction fee for replacing a permit is waived if a police report has been filed.

    3. Altered Permit

      An altered permit is defined as a permit issued by UCI that is defaced or otherwise marked upon in an unauthorized manner. Permits are considered altered if any of the printed information on any type of permit is changed, including but not limited to, dates that have been erased or crossed out by any means or filled in and changed due to mistaken date entry.

    4. Counterfeit Permit

      A counterfeit permit is defined as any item made to resemble a parking permit.

    5. Citations for a Lost/Stolen/Altered/Counterfeit Permit

      A lost/stolen/altered/counterfeit permit needs only to be visible within a parked vehicle for that vehicle to be cited. A citation is issued even if the permit is not properly displayed.

      Upon discovery of a lost/stolen/ altered/counterfeit permit in a parked vehicle, a minimum of two citations will be issued: one for the violation (lost, stolen, altered or counterfeit permit) and one for using an "Unauthorized Permit." The penalty will be determined by multiplying the monthly value of the inactive permit by the number of months the permit has been unpaid.

      The registered owner or driver of the vehicle may be required to purchase a replacement parking permit for the period during which the lost/stolen/altered/counterfeit permit was used. For example, if a One Day parking permit was used, the current daily fee would be assessed to the individual; if a one-month permit was altered, the current monthly fee would be assessed.

      Transportation and Distribution Services may notify the UCI Police Department, the Dean of Students, or the appropriate Vice Chancellor for further disciplinary action. A new parking permit will not be issued to an individual in possession of a lost permit until the appropriate penalties (as described on the citation, determined by an adjudication officer, or determined by the Court) are cleared.

  5. Parking Permit Reciprocity Agreement

    UCI employees and students are required to purchase parking permits from their home campus (i.e., UCI Transportation and Distribution Services or UCIMC Parking Services).

    1. Reciprocity Between UCI Main Campus and UCI Medical Center Permits

      As a convenience to employees and students who use parking facilities at both the UCI main campus and UCI Medical Center, reciprocity is allowed for specific types of permits and specific parking areas. Reciprocity privileges apply only to infrequent visits (five or fewer times per year).

    2. Reciprocity Privileges for Other UC Campus Parking Permits

      Long-term (quarterly/annual) faculty and staff permits from other UC campuses are valid on the UCI campus in unmarked stalls in S parking areas at all times and after hours in AR Reserved parking areas (except those marked "Enforced 24 Hours"). Reciprocity privileges apply only to infrequent visits (five or fewer times per year). One Day and Sustainable Transportation permits are not eligible for reciprocity.

B. Parking Rates and Fees

Parking Permit Fee Schedule

C. Guest and Event Parking

University policy requires every user of campus parking facilities to pay parking fees. Event sponsors may make arrangements to cover parking fees for their patrons. The event sponsor pays the fee normally charged to event patrons plus the labor costs associated with stationing attendants to distribute parking permits. The status of the event sponsor, whether for-profit or non-profit, has no bearing on determining the appropriate parking fees. For detailed information regarding event parking, contact Guest and Event Services at (949) 824-2690.

D. Electric Vehicle Charging Stalls

  1. Only electric vehicles can park in designated “EV Only” electric vehicle charging stalls.
  2. Electric vehicles must display a valid UCI parking permit when parking on the campus, unless parked in a metered parking space, or time-controlled zone.
  3. Only a vehicle being charged may park in an electric vehicle charging station stall. When charging is complete, the vehicle must be moved to an appropriate parking stall.
  4. Applicable time restrictions and fees are determined by Transportation and Distribution Services and are posted on signage and on electric vehicle charging equipment. For more information: Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

E. Fines and Forfeitures

Violation and Penalty Schedule

  1. Payment of Penalty

    Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted for payment of citation penalties. Checks should be made payable to "UC Regents." The violation notice must accompany payment.

    Penalty payment may be made in person, by mail or online. In-person payments are made at Transportation and Distribution Services, 200 Public Services Building, during operating hours. Penalties paid via mail should be sent, along with the violation notice, to UCI Parking Citation Center, 200 Public Services Building, Irvine, CA 92697-4525. Online payments may be made using all major credit cards at www.parking.uci.edu.

  2. Administrative Review of Citation

    A vehicle owner/operator may request a review of the violation notice in person, by mail or by e-mail to citerevw@uci.edu. A request for review must be submitted within 21 days of the issuance date or within 15 days of the mailing date of a notice of delinquent parking violation.

    An adjudication officer determines the validity of the citation and either grants or denies the appeal in accordance with parking policies.

  3. Request For a Hearing

    Since 1993, Courts hear parking citation cases only after the case has been reviewed by a University hearing examiner and the penalites paid.

    To contest the decision of the adjudication officer, an owner/operator must schedule a hearing before a University hearing examiner. The appellant must:

    1. Submit a request for further review of the citation in writing within 21 days of the postmark of the administrative review decision and state the reason(s) for requesting a second level review hearing.
    2. Pay the penalty indicated on the original citation, including all late fees. A hearing will not be scheduled prior to payment of all penalties. Once payment is made, a second level hearing can be scheduled.
    3. The owner/operator can appeal the decision of the second level hearing examiner by filing an appeal with the Municipal Court. This appeal must be filed within 20 days of the mailing of the second level hearing examiner's decision. The Court currently requires a filing fee. Additional Court charges and fees may be assessed. If the Court overrules the second level hearing examiner's decision, all penalties, including the amount paid to the Court for scheduling the hearing, are refunded the owner/operator. If the judgment is in favor of the University, the action is ended, and all penalties and fees are forfeited.

F. Towing and Impounding Vehicles

Transportation and Distribution Services tows or impounds (immobilizes) vehicles that:

  • Have three or more outstanding (unpaid) UCI parking violations
  • Have five or more outstanding (unpaid) parking violations from any agency in the State
  • Display lost, stolen, altered, counterfeit, or unauthorized permits
  • Have expired vehicle registration (more than six months)
  • Park in tow away zones, such as disabled, reserved and no parking areas
  • Park in emergency/fire access lanes
  • Park on any surface not specifically marked for parking of motor vehicles, such as, but not limited to: lawns, open spaces, sidewalks, plazas, unmarked curbs, roadways, drive aisles, and bikeways.
  1. Procedure

    Vehicles are removed (towed) or impounded (immobilized) by a bonded towing service or by Transportation and Distribution Services.

  2. Fees
    1. Towing: The cost of removal (towing) and storage (if applicable) of a vehicle constitutes a lien against the vehicle for which the owner/operator is held liable.
    2. Immobilizing: The cost of impoundment/ immobilization constitutes a non-refundable lien against the vehicle for which the owner/operator is held liable. If penalties and associated fees are not paid by 10:00 p.m. on the date of impoundment, an immobilized vehicle will be towed to a storage facility, in which case the vehicle owner/operator will be held liable for additional towing and/or storage fees. All fees and penalties must be paid before the vehicle is released.
  3. Release

    To release a vehicle from impoundment/immobilization, or to obtain an authorization form to have a vehicle released from the tow yard, all penalties and associated fees must be paid to Transportation and Distribution Services. Payment plans, partial payments, or community service cannot be negotiated for the release of the vehicle.

    Penalties and fees may be paid in person to the Transportation and Distribution Services office (200 Public Services Building), 7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m., Monday - Friday. Payment can also be made to Guest and Event Services (located in the Student Center Parking Structure) 4:00p.m. - 10:00p.m., Monday - Friday and from 7:30a.m. - 10:00p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Both offices accept cash and all major credit cards. Coins (in excess of $10.00), personal checks, foreign currency, and other types of currency are not acceptable forms of payment.

    The vehicle will be released by Transportation and Distribution Services upon proof of current vehicle registration and a state-issued driver license of the registered owner or the person in control of the vehicle.