Policies & Procedures


Section 1

IDA392 - Permit Use of University Vehicles

IDA 392

November 9, 2004


Re: Delegation of Authority - Permit Use of University Vehicles

University administrative officials who authorize the use of University vehicles are responsible for the proper use and operation of such vehicles by persons under their jurisdiction; the officials shall be required to pay, or to obtain payment from the responsible individual, for all costs for damage to the vehicle resulting from the misuse or careless operation of the vehicle under the individual's charge.

For purposes of permitting the use of university vehicles, you are delegated the same authorities and responsibilities given to department heads in IDA072, July 21, 1995.

This authority may not be redelegated further and supersedes my August 1, 1998 delegation of authority on the same subject (IDA 261).

Ralph J. Cicerone

cc: Manager, Fleet Services
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Director, Internal Controls
Administrative Policies Coordinator