Section Owners

UCI’s centralized policies website contains official statements of how business is conducted on the UCI campus. This information is central to UCI's governance, risk, and compliance efforts. It provides faculty, staff, and students a framework of authority for their everyday activities, and for tools and systems available at other administrative websites. It is referenced by auditors, the public, and UC Office of the President.

Owners are responsible for keeping their Sections up-to-date and aligning them whenever their business processes or guidelines change. Review should also occur whenever a change in systemwide policy affects stated campus practices and no less frequently than every 3 years. Each section shows the last revised or reviewed date in the top left corner.

In addition to State, federal, and systemwide sources of authority, Sections should include contact information, links to specific forms or online systems, and links to subsidiary information located on other UCI websites. Campus format and style standards are discussed in Section 103-11: Guidelines for Writing and Publishing Administrative Policies and Procedures.

To confirm that information is still current or to request assistance when revising content, please contact the Manager of Administrative Policies at X4-8713 or

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