IDA 020

IDA020 - Adopt Traffic Regulations

IDA 020

April 2, 1994


RE: Redelegation of Authority - Adopt Traffic Regulations

The Chancellor's authority to adopt traffic regulations governing the use of driveways, paths, and grounds on the UCI campus and other facilities owned and/or administered by UCI was confirmed by Presidential Delegation DA 0303, July 14, 1971. I am redelegating that authority to the Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services.

Any redelegation of this authority should be in writing with copies to the list below.

Laurel L. Wilkening

cc: Special Assistant-Coordination and Review
Executive Vice Chancellor
Associate Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Design and Construction Services
Director, Campus and Environmental Planning
Director, Parking and Transportation Services
Chief of Police
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies