IDA 102

IDA102 - FCC License Applications and Broadcast Facility

IDA 102

July 21, 1995


RE: Delegation of Authority - FCC License Applications and Broadcast Facility

Chancellors' authority to administer the operation of campus broadcast stations is set forth in Business and Finance Bulletin IS-5. I am hereby delegating to the Director-Electronic Communications, the responsibility for the operation of all campus radio, television, and microwave facilities (excluding KUCI) operated by UCI and the UCI Medical Center and for assuring compliance with all operating, reporting, and record maintenance regulations specified in FCC regulations.

The Director-Electronic Communications is also delegated the responsibility for initiating FCC applications for radio, television, microwave, and all other communications equipment licenses for execution at the Office of the President, and for all matters relating to FCC applications for the Irvine campus and the UCI Medical Center.

The KUCI Broadcast Coordinator is delegated the authority for supervision and control of the campus FM radio broadcast facility. This includes assuring that the facility complies with all broadcast, operation, reporting, and record maintenance regulations specified in the KUCI station license and all federal communications rules and regulations. The primary scope of this responsibility shall be:

1. Supervision of KUCI General Manager and all employees of the radio station.

2. Receipt, investigation, and prompt and appropriate resolution of complaints of alleged violations of FCC regulations.

3. Oversight of program content.

4. Assurance that all radio station personnel are familiar with and comply with FCC rules and regulations regarding noncommercial, educational FM broadcast stations including, but not limited to, the FCC's rulings on indecent programming.

This authority may not be redelegated further and supersedes Chancellor Peltason's July 15, 1988 delegation of authority on the same subject.


Laurel L. Wilkening

cc: Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services
Executive Director-UCI Medical Center
Director, Office of Academic Computing
Director of Communications
Director, Environment, Health and Safety
Chief of Police
Manager, Business and Contract Services
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies