IDA 272

IDA272 - Teacher Training Program Agreements

IDA 272

September 8, 1998


RE: Redelegation of Authority - Teacher Training Program Agreements (Service Agreements)

The authority to execute service agreements was delegated to Chancellors by Presidential Delegation of Authority DA 1058, December 30, 1991, and redelegated to the Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services by Irvine Delegation of Authority IDA 250, May 18, 1998 [superseded by IDA348 2/13/02; IDA435 12/3/07; IDA 491 11/12/09; IDA 508 3/10/11; and IDA 594 9/28/17]. I am redelegating to the Chair, Department of Education the authority to enter into and execute agreements with California schools and/or school districts for teacher training programs, and agreements with outside agencies covering the use of facilities and instructors for regular University courses, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The printed form of teacher training agreements approved by General Counsel shall be used for all agreements. In the event there is any deviation or change from the printed form, the altered agreement must be submitted to General Counsel for approval as to form.
  2. Copies of executed agreements shall be sent to the Accounting Office and Materiel and Risk Management.

Any redelegation of this authority should be in writing with copies to Vice Chancellor-Research and Graduate Studies; Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services; Director, Materiel and Risk Management; Counsel to the Chancellor; Director, Internal Audit; Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies; and me. This delegation supersedes Chancellor Peltason's April 11, 1986 redelegation of authority on the same subject.

Wendell Brase
Vice Chancellor

cc: Secretary of The Regents
General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs
Senior Vice President-Business and Finance
Special Assistant-Coordination and Review
Vice Chancellor-Research and Graduate Studies
Executive Director, UCI Medical Center
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Director, Materiel and Risk Management
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Director, Internal Controls
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies