IDA 408

IDA408 - Academic Appointments of Graduate Students

IDA 408

April 11, 2005


RE: Redelegation of Authority - Academic Appointments of Graduate Students

Authority for academic personnel actions was delegated to the Executive Vice Chancellor by the Chancellor in his delegation of authority, dated July 3, 2000. I am redelegating part of that authority to you, as specified below:

I am delegating to Academic Deans and Directors of Organized Research Units the authority to make academic appointments, reappointments, and changes in percent time for graduate students in the following titles:

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Associate In ____
  • Teaching Fellow
  • Reader
  • Tutor
  • Graduate Student Assistant Researcher
  • Graduate Student Researcher

Authority for other matters related to graduate student employment (such as childbearing, sick leave, early termination, or employment related grievances) will remain with the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Appointees must meet the criteria established for the appointment, and appointments must be consistent with applicable academic policies and procedures, including those set out in the Academic Personnel Manual, Sections 410, 415, and 420 and in the Memorandum of Understanding, Academic Student Employee Unit. Any exceptions to policy must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies prior to approval of the appointment.

These exceptions include the following:

  • Employment beyond the normal 12-quarter limit on service in teaching titles for students who have not been Advanced to Candidacy.
  • Employment over the 50 percent limitation for graduate students (APM 410-17).
  • Exception to the minimum Grade Point Average.
  • Funding of a teaching position on other than state (19900) funds.
  • Deferral of the Test of Spoken English (TSE) requirement.
  • Proposal for an Associate to teach a graduate level or upper division course, which will require review by the Senate Committee on Courses.
  • Graduate Student Researcher appointments proposed at level VI.

This authority may not be redelegated further, and supersedes Executive Vice Chancellor Lillyman's delegation of authority on the same subject, dated July 14, 2000.

Michael R. Gottfredson
Executive Vice Chancellor

cc: Special Assistant-Coordination and Review, Office of the President
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Director, Internal Audit
Counsel to the Chancellor
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies
Academic Personnel