IDA 436

IDA436 - Organized Research Units, Campus Centers, and Special Research Programs

IDA 436

May 15, 2007


RE: Delegation of Authority - Organized Research Units, Campus Centers, and Special Research Programs

In accordance with University of California Administrative Policies and Procedures Concerning Organized Research Units, I am delegating authority to the Vice Chancellor, Research to appoint directors and advisory committees for Organized Research Units (ORUs), to oversee review of the ORUs, and to approve their renewal. The authority for establishment and disestablishment of ORUs remains with the Chancellor.

The designations of Campus Center and Special Research Program (SRP) are local to the UC Irvine campus. A Campus Center provides a group of researchers with use of the "Center" title and an infrastructure that promotes synergistic interactions between a group of researchers within a school or across schools. SRP provides a structure for collaborative research activities that do not fit the definition and purpose of research programs such as an ORU or a Campus Center.

The Vice Chancellor for Research is delegated the authority to establish, renew, and disestablish Campus Centers and Special Research Programs, to appoint directors of Campus Centers and Special Research Programs, and to appoint advisory committees to guide their activities.

These authorities may not be redelegated further and supersede Chancellor Cicerone's April 6, 2005 delegation of authority on Irvine Research Units and Campus Centers (IDA 397).

Michael V. Drake, M.D.

C: Universitywide Policies Office 
Executive Vice Chancellor 
Vice Provost, Academic Personnel
Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor 
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
Chief Campus Counsel
Director, Internal Audit
Director, Internal Controls 
Administrative Policies Coordinator