IDA 502

IDA502 - Cashiering Operations on Campus

IDA 502

March 8, 2010


Redelegation of Authority - Cashiering Operations on Campus

The guidelines in UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-49, Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received, establish the Chancellor's responsibility for the conduct of all campus cashiering activities, including Associated Student-operated activities.

The authority to assign the responsibility for oversight of all cash handling operations on the campus, including those of the Associated Student, is hereby redelegated to the Manager, Financial Services.

This authority may not be redelgated further and supersedes Chancellor Cicerone's August 20, 1999 delegation on the same topic (IDA 297).

Signed copy

Michael V. Drake, M.D. 

C: Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative & Business Services 
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Accounting & Fiscal Services 
Chief Campus Counsel 
Director, Internal Audit
Administrative Policies Coordinator