IDA 514

IDA514 - Academic Actions for Librarians

IDA 514

July 19, 2011


RE: Redelegation of Authority - Academic Actions for Librarians

Authority for academic personnel actions was delegated to the Executive Vice Chancellor by the Chancellor in his delegation of authority IDA 311, dated July 3, 2000 [superseded by IDA 517, 6/19/12]. I am redelegating authority, as specified below.

I am delegating to the University Librarian authority to approve the following academic actions for Librarians, whereas all academic actions related to the Law School will be approved by the Dean of the Law School in consultation with the University Librarian:

  1. Initial appointments, temporary appointments, and recall appointments.
  2. Promotions, merit increases (including advancement to Librarian, Step V), accelerated actions, awarding of Career Status, and No Actions.
  3. One-year deferral of normal review, upon written request of Librarian.
  4. Leaves of absence without salary for one year or less.
  5. Terminations and non-reappointments.

All academic actions must conform to within University and campus policy as well as policy set out in the Memorandum of Understanding, University Federation of Librarians. These actions require appropriate review and must be consistent with the published salary scales. You are reminded that appointments are to be made only after an open and competitive search has been conducted and you have received an approved academic affirmative action search statement.

Authority for the following remains in my office:

  1. Any exceptions to policy.
  2. Effective dates other than July 1.
  3. Retroactive actions that are approved more than thirty-one calendar days after the effective date.

The Office of Academic Personnel will remain the office of record for these actions. The University Librarian will, therefore, forward all appropriate supporting documentation for personnel actions to the Office of Academic Personnel for the purpose of post-audit and record maintenance.

This authority may not be redelegated and supersedes my delegation of authority on the same subject dated March 5, 2009 (IDA 465).

Signed copy

Michael R. Gottfredson
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

C: Vice Provost, Academic Personnel 
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Accounting and Fiscal Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
Director, Human Resources, Labor Relations
Chief Campus Counsel
Director, Internal Audit
Administrative Policies Officer