IDA 518

IDA518 - Appointment and Compensation of Deans

IDA 518

June 19, 2012


RE: Redelegation of Authority – Appointment and Compensation of Deans

Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 240 gives authority to campus Chancellors to recruit and retain Deans and to determine and assign compensation that aligns with the Deans' Salary Structure issued by the Office of the President.

Effective January 1, 2010, the authority to appoint and compensate Deans was delegated to me and, in accordance with APM-100-6-d, which allows the Chancellor to redelegate authority for implementing APM-240, I am redelegating to you the authority to appoint and compensate eligible academic Deans.

Academic Deans are defined in APM-240 as the head of a Division, College, School, or other similar academic unit and has administrative responsibility for the unit. Eligible appointees are all current and new full-time academic Deans (including Acting and Interim appointees), except for those holding a concurrent title of Vice Chancellor and/or a Dean who reports solely to the Chancellor and are members of the SMG personnel program. University Extension Deans and Student Affairs Deans also are not covered by this delegation

The authorities and responsibilities being delegated are detailed in APM-240-24 and include reporting monthly and annually to the Provost any new appointees to the title of Dean or salary increases to existing appointees.

These authorities may not be delegated further.

Signed copy

Michael V. Drake, M.D.

C: Vice Provost-Academic Personnel
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Academic Personnel
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting & Fiscal Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Human Resources
Chief Campus Counsel 
Chief Health Sciences Counsel 
Director, Internal Audit
Administrative Policies Officer