IDA 551

IDA551 - University Approval of Liquor Licenses for UC Irvine Facilities

IDA 551

May 7, 2014


RE: Delegation of Authority - University Approval of Liquor Licenses for UC Irvine Facilities

The authority to submit directly to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) statements on behalf of organizations applying for licenses to serve or sell liquor on University-owned campus premises was delegated to Chancellors by Presidential Delegation of Authority DA 0554, January 10, 1977. I am redelegating that authority to Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs and the Associate Vice Chancellor-Auxiliary Services and Resource Planning - Student Affairs.

Pursuant to the requirements of the California Business and Professions Code, Section 23824, "...a written request that the License be issued and a written statement setting forth the reasons why issuance of the license would be in the public interest" are both required before issuance of any license for an organization operating on University premises. This includes both applications for a one-day liquor license when required for UCI events and for regular licenses for bona fide eating facilities.

University policy states "that no individual, group, or campus acting in the name of The Regents or in the name of the University may apply for a license to engage in the sale of any alcoholic beverage, including beer." This prohibition is pursuant to the State constitution which prohibits any State agency, including the University, from being licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Therefore, any license to provide or sell alcoholic beverages at a UCI event must be issued in the name of an organization such as a faculty club, food service vendor, alumni group, or other independent entity.

Statements submitted to the ABC shall be in conformance with State law and University and campus policies and procedures.

The Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs only, may redelegate this authority. Any redelegation must be in writing with a copy to me and the list below.

Signed copy

Michael V. Drake, M.D.

C: Controller 
Chief of Police
Director, Hospitality & Dining Services
Director, Student Center and Event Services
Chief Campus Counsel 
Director, Internal Audit
Administrative Policies Officer