IDA 559

IDA559 - UC Irvine Extension Educational Course and Program Agreements



January 6, 2015


RE: Redelegation of Authority - UC Irvine Extension Educational Course and Program Agreements

The authority to execute agreements required with outside organizations, agencies, and individuals to implement approved programs and activities, was delegated to Chancellors by Presidential Delegation of Authority DA 1058, December 30, 1991. This authority was redelegated to the Vice Chancellor - Administrative & Business Services by Irvine Delegation of Authority IDA348 2/13/02 [superseded by IDA435 12/3/07; IDA 491 11/12/09; IDA 508 3/10/11; and IDA 594 9/28/17]. I am redelegating to the Dean - Continuing Education, Distance Learning Center, and Summer Session the authority to execute educational course and program agreements for his organizations.

Provided that:

  • Agreements shall not be for expenditures in excess of $100,000 per annum.
  • Budgeted funds shall be available for such services.
  • All agreements must be consistent with standards set by the Materiel and Risk Management unit (MRM). Material deviations from the standards must be reviewed by MRM prior to signature. MRM may perform retroactive reviews as it determines appropriate to ensure compliance with standards.
  • All agreements involving those items identified in The Regents Standing Orders, Section 100.4(dd)(1-9) must be reviewed by General Counsel to determine appropriate handling or approval.

This authority may be redelegated to two deputy administrators acting as primary and backup signatories, both of whom report directly to the Dean - Continuing Education, Distance Learning Center, and Summer Session. Any redelegation of this authority should be in writing and copied to me and those listed below.

This redelegation supersedes my September 12, 2002, redelegation of authority on the same subject (IDA 356).

Signed copy

Wendell Brase
Vice Chancellor

C: Chancellor
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Associate Vice Chancellor for Medical Center Affairs &
  Chief Executive Officer, UC Irvine Medical Center
Assistant Vice Chancellor - Accounting & Fiscal Services
Director - Materiel & Risk Management
Risk Manager
Chief Campus Counsel
Campus Counsel
Chief Health Sciences Counsel
Director, Internal Audit
Manager of Administrative Policies