IDA 604

IDA604 - Controlled Substances Program: Responsible Official


IDA 604

October 18, 2018


RE: Delegation of Authority - Controlled Substances Program: Responsible Official

Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-50, Controlled Substances Program, assigns each chancellor responsibility for providing resources to effectively administer a controlled substances program and for designating a responsible official to establish and oversee the program. I am designating the vice chancellor–research as UCI's Responsible Official.

The Responsible Official shall:

  1. Establish and oversee the UCI Controlled Substances Program in Research in accordance with DEA regulations and best practices;
  2. Sign all DEA registrations (Schedules II-V) on behalf of the UC Regents; and
  3. As appropriate, grant power of attorney to managers to enable them to obtain and execute order forms for controlled substances.

The Responsible Official may designate one or more individuals to implement and manage UCI's Controlled Substances Program in accordance with the requirements specified in BUS-50.

This delegation of authority supersedes Chancellor Drake's February 8, 2010, delegation of authority, IDA 476, on the same subject.

Signed copy

Howard Gillman

cc: Executive Director–EH&S, Risk Services, UCOP
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor–Division of Finance and Administration
Chief Operating Officer–UCI Health System
Associate Vice Chancellor–Research Administration
Assistant Vice Chancellor–Accounting & Fiscal Services
Chief Procurement Officer and Director–Procurement Services
Office of Campus Counsel
Director–Internal Audit
Manager–Administrative Policies